Review: ‘Avengers Forever’ #7 Is A Tense, Claustrophobic Issue And One Of The Best Of The Series

After a rather so-so issue, writer Jason Aaron, and returning regular artist, Aaron Kuder, deliver one of the best issue of the series thus far. A tightly wound, Groundhog Day-like prison drama with a surprise ending I doubt anyone will see coming. 

If you’ve seen the preview, you know the set-up. Someone is pulling Steve Rogers’ from the multiverse and locking them up. Only one Steve Rogers, a left-leaning, anti-war hippy, won’t take his incarceration lightly. Each day he runs through a set of doors that automatically open only for him to be beat down by whatever is on the other side. Day in day out, the same thing. With the same results.

But, this is Steve Rogers we’re talking about. And whatever his reality, he is not one for giving up. And so, in time the other inmates band together, one-by-one, to run through the doors and into a place we, the reader, do not see. Well, not until the end of the issue when the big pay off is revealed and the penny, and jaw, drops. An outstanding deception by Aaron, with outstanding art by Kuder. Just wait till you se the life, and character he infuses Steve Dogers (that’s what i’m calling the canine Cap of this issue), as but one example of his expertise as a master draughtsman. Bravo, gentlemen, for pulling it off so well. From everything we are witness to, one can only assume the Multiversal Masters of Evil would be behind this scheme. After all, Steve Rogers is the heart of the Marvel universe, the best of us and a symbol of hope against adversity, and so much more. 

It’s an issue that offers up a tense set-up. A handful of characters in a claustrophobic setting, minimal colours to reflect the dire situation of being imprisoned, and seemingly no escape. Without any glimpse of an exterior, we don’t even know where, or when, this prison could possibly be placed. Leaving the reader in s state of worrying confusion. The Shawkshank Redemption, but with a poster of Rita Hayworth to secretly tunnel behind. A seemingly hopeless, bleak narrative similar to that of previous issues, but one that may, just may, signal a turning point in the Multiverse’s destiny.

Avengers Forever continues to be more than just an Avengers spin-oof, You can just sense this building to become something hugely important in Aaron’s plans for The Avengers. Furthermore, with so much multiverses madness Marvel are currently leaning into – to the point of overkill – this is one title that makes use of the multiverse in very interesting and original ways. 

Avengers Forever #7 is out now from Marvel.

After a rather so-so issue, writer Jason Aaron, and returning regular artist, Aaron Kuder, deliver one of the best issueCOMICONRead More

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