SDCC 2022: Dynamite Reawakens The World of ‘Fire And Ice’ In An Upcoming Comic Series

Released in 1983, Fire and Ice saw the talents of animation legend Ralph Bakshi and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta merge in an epic film. The story, from Conan legends Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas, depicted a war between the forces of Juliana, Queen of Icepeak and King Jarol of Firekeep. At issue, Juliana believes her son Nekron should marry Jarol’s daughter, Teegra, and generate an heir with a claim to both kingdoms. Neither Teegra nor Nekron are into the idea, but Juliana kidnaps her anyway in an attempt to force the union. The princess soon escapes and meets Larn, the lone survivor of a village destroyed by Nekron. The two adventure together, and when Teegra is recaptured by Juliana’s forces, Larn teams up with a mysterious warrior called Darkwolf to end the Icepeak aggression once and for all. Sure, the tropes are recognizable, but the designs from Frazetta and the off-beat talent of Bakshi as director meant Fire and Ice would be a unique experience and a cult favorite film.

Now, on the eve of its 40th Anniversary, Dynamite has announced it will return to the world of Fire and Ice with an upcoming comic book series and tabletop game. The comic will serve as a prequel while continuing some of the film’s themes. The company hopes the latter will appeal to players of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder while also building out the film’s world in unexpected ways.

“It is an honor to again explore the fantastic world that Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi created. I know that Bakshi fans have been waiting a long time for more Fire & Ice material, and that’s what we plan to give them,” Eddie Bakshi said in a statement.

“My grandpa introduced me to his film, Fire and Ice, when I was in grade school,” Sara Frazetta added. “Watching movies together, especially Fire and Ice, bonded our relationship. We felt the intensity of the scenes together. We were transported into the world he created. It was magical. Fire and Ice has remained in my top favorite films of all time and to be able to reignite the property with the Bakshi family and Dynamite is incredibly exciting!”

In working with Frazetta and Bakshi, Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said “it was important to all of us that we bring something new and grew the fantastic tapestry that came before. Fortunately we all agreed on the direction of the series, and are bringing the fans the back story of these incredible characters that will build on the movie.” Perhaps we’ll get to know more about Darkwolf?

“I speak for myself and the team at Dynamite when I say that we are honored to work with the Frazetta family who are comic book royalty, and the legacy of the Bakshi family,” Barrucci continued. “We can’t wait for fans and retailers to see the series as it’s released.

The book and game’s creative team will be announced at a later date. The Fire and Ice prequel series is expected to debut next year.

Released in 1983, Fire and Ice saw the talents of animation legend Ralph Bakshi and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta mergeCOMICONRead More

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