The Secret History Of The War On Weed’s Scotch McTiernan Returns In ‘Halloween Party’ One-Shot From Image Comics

It’s the hottest day EVER here in the UK, so its hard to get my head round comic book offerings coming this Fall. But, that’s exactly the news I’ve got to share with you today as Image Comics announces Halloween Party one-shot from the Deadpool creative team of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Scott Koblish one-shot story starring the beloved Scotch McTiernan from the gang’s The Secret History of the War on Weed.

“It’s a scary time in America—and we’re not talking about the razors in the candy anymore. When you might get murdered in a mass shooting, the clowns, monsters, and other creatures that go bump in the night have a harder time doing their job. It’s a hilarious bummer at this year’s monster mash. Scotch McTiernan and Weed Thing return and readers are introduced to some new favorites.”

So, after a comic all about cannabis, why Halloween? Posehn explains:

“I stopped trick-or-treating after I witnessed Michael Myers as he terrified horny teenagers in an Illinois suburb at the end of the seventies. My pals Gerry, Scott, and I figured after our 4/20 book it was on us to be like our hero John Carpenter and ruin trick-or-treating and Halloween once again. Suck it, my favorite holiday.”

Duggan added:

“All the dumb fun we had on 4-20 is back but this time in Halloween masks. We’re laughing our asses off, and can’t wait to invite you over to this year’s Halloween Party,” said Duggan. “Wear kevlar—it’s dangerous out there.” 

Not to be left out, Koblish also added:

“It’s time to grab another swig of Scotch! This time Scotch McTiernan returns for the Halloween season and we are pulling out all the stops on drawing every kind of monster we can conceive of—check under your bed, in your dreams, in your closet, in the woods, under the bridge, the back seat of your car and in the mirror behind you, because I might’ve drawn those guys too! This is our hilarious love-letter to everything terrifying, so pick up a copy, before it chases you down!”

Halloween Party one-shot  will be available on Wednesday, October 12th from Image Comics

It’s the hottest day EVER here in the UK, so its hard to get my head round comic book offeringsCOMICONRead More

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