Things Keep On Changing: Reviewing ‘I Am Batman’ #11

New York City seems to be getting a whole lot of Gotham City creeping in these days. Former Gotham Cops, Batman is around, masked villains, and now a longtime Batman-related cop character/vigilante is coming to join the party.

It’s great that I Am Batman really started to find itself as a title once the move to New York happened and the crossover stuff with the other Bat-books became a thing of the past. This is very much an ensemble book, not just a Jace/Batman story or a Fox family story like the previous series. Detective Chubb is a major presence here, getting more into Batman’s world after taking on a crooked cop to save both Batman and the captured Manray.

John Ridley is taking a very interesting route with this Batman, having him far more involved with the police and political realm than Bruce’s Batman really has in quite some time. While Bruce’s Batman was more of an ally that popped up when needed, Jace is trying to stay far more connected and is finding more and more just how broken and compromised that system truly can be.

While Batman working with cops is a touchy thing in this day and age, I do appreciate that Ridley is not shying away from the darker side of the police force and government with this story. Like Detective Chubb points out here, even if a politician isn’t dirty their ambition can be self-serving and just as dangerous to others.

Christian Duce and Rex Lokus are still on board handling the art and colors, with Tom Derenick stepping in to do some of the artwork. Duce and Derenick have similar styles that work with this type of story that has some action but is far more about personal/emotional moments. It is very clear where one artist ends and the other picks up because there are very visible differences in their work, but it’s not the kind of differences that throws the reader off. Just enough to notice, and then keep on going through the story.

Across both of the artist’s works, Lokus employs a lot of the same color palette including the great use of shadows and being able to really hit the right tone for lighter or darker spaces that feel realistic. Great colorists are able to make their colors follow the style/tone/energy of the work they are doing no matter who the artist is. We see that here as there is a lighter/slicker feeling to the colors on one part of the artwork and then on the other the colors are heavier and a bit rougher in a sense.

Troy Peteri is on letters, making it all flow and give off the right energy as usual. Letterers that take the effort to make sure that tone/volume is 100% clear in lettering are some of my favorites. It’s a little thing to many, but it makes the stories and energy work so much better when the dialogue changes in style or size to really hit home how soft or loud or normal the voices are meant to be. Same thing with SFX in how big or colorful or at the moment they are changing depending on the need of the moment.

I Am Batman #11 is now available.

New York City seems to be getting a whole lot of Gotham City creeping in these days. Former Gotham Cops,COMICONRead More

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