Table Top RPG Creators Corner — Dice Maker Guiseppe Of ‘ModArtifice’

Welcome to the table.

Welcome to our RPG Creators Corner. Today I had the chance to chat with Guiseppe of @ModArtifice and talk about dice. 
Anton: Hello, thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk to me about your craft. Now your Etsy shop has almost 8,000 sales with a solid five-star rating, that is one impressive feat but before we dig too deep into the dice bags let’s learn a little bit more about the creator behind the creation. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Guiseppe:  Thank you for having me here.  Well, I’m an avid gamer who grew up reading Lord of the Rings and R.A. Salvatore‘s works,  and that shaped a lot of my life. I was exposed to many different friends in the local card game shop where I fell in love with Warlord: Saga of the Storm,  and it helped open the doors for my love for fantasy worlds and wanting to be a part of the gaming community.  I’m also a hot sauce aficionado,  and I enjoy partaking in food challenges, hiking, and geocaching. (Like real-life treasure hunting). I also do Live Action Role Playing.
Anton: Now how long have you been involved in the tabletop role-playing space?
Guiseppe: I have been a part of the tabletop community for about 20 years.  However, I’ve only really made my mark and put myself out there doing content creation and whatnot within the last 3 years.
Anton: Is dice craft your full-time job?
Guiseppe: Dice crafting is my full-time job. I also make custom laser carved props, as well as resin and 3D printed display pieces and custom work for individuals.
Anton: You are a person of many talents! Now, What inspired you to try your hand at dice craft?
Guiseppe: I was doing a lot of mold making and prop making for individuals,  and I came across some videos about dice making and it was all the same process as I was using,  so I figured I would try my hand at it and see if I was any good at.  Turns out I was!
Anton: The Critical Silver Reactor and the Copper Chrome Skull Metal Dice are two that when you came across my desk stood out to me. One because I love things that glow and two because I am an avid collector of copper everything. What inspires you to create such wild variations of dice?
Guiseppe: I don’t want to settle in one particular niche when it comes to the style or design of dice. They should be as varied as the characters that they represent. So I try and have as wide a variety of color schemes and styles and different elements within the dice in order to really have that come forward and let the individuality of each piece shine.
Anton: Do you take commissions?
Guiseppe: I take commissions on a very slow personal basis. An individual can email me at  with their specifications and what they would like and I can give them a timetable and a suitable quote. Unfortunately, I do get a lot of requests for custom metal Dice, and people do not understand how expensive it is to Mill the plates used to make those days. A custom set of metal dice runs around $1,800!
Anton: You have a Kickstarter campaign coming up, can you tell us a little bit about what that is going to look like and what we can expect?
Guiseppe: With the Kickstarter (found here), it was me trying to do a collection of dice to make it available to individuals of all Financial tiers. I wanted to try and elevate my Artistry to higher levels and offer unique things that had not been seen elsewhere yet.  The Showcase piece is sharp edge resin dice that are encased in brass cages of metal better than electroplated in 24 karat gold and silver.
Anton: With everything going on in the tabletop role-playing space currently, what excites you?
Guiseppe: I’m actually very much looking forward to Spelljammer coming out,  though I hope this actually paves the way to my favorite campaign setting which is Planescape! 
Anton: I really appreciate you taking the time to sit and speak with me. Please tell our readers where they can keep up with you and follow your work.
Guiseppe: I can be found on Twitter @Modartifice  Tiktok/Instagram/Facebook @modernartifice.  I am working on revamping my website to make it user-friendly and actually get all of my dice up and transitioning away from Etsy.  That can be found at, thank you again for your time in this opportunity!
Until next time, may your dice always be balanced.

Welcome to the table.   Welcome to our RPG Creators Corner. Today I had the chance to chat with GuiseppeCOMICONRead More

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