Advance Review: Finding Religion In `Sins Of The Black Flamingo’ #2

Sebastian Harlow is not a religious man. Sure, he’s a man of faith who believes in demons, magic and the occult, but God and angels? Heavens no!

That belief system presents a particular challenge for Harlow when he finds an angel chained up in a house he’s looking to rob as his alter ego, the Black Flamingo. To complicate matters – and to challenge his lack of faith even further – just looking at the angel takes away Harlow’s pain. An unrevealed mistake he made as a child gives him frightening glimpses into the world as it truly is – rotting. That torment is gone thanks to the heavenly intercessor.

Writer Andrew Wheeler continues to craft an interesting narrative of a flamboyant, confident and queer quasi-hero who lives in a world where witches and golems co-exist next to smartphones and guns. His gift for writing is evident, particularly as we meet a long line of Harlow’s jilted or would-be lovers at a gay rave (appropriately named “One Night in Heaven.”)

With the scantily-clad men at the party as well as a naked male angel, artist Travis Moore gets to exercise his own homoerotic demons throughout the issue. If you’re looking for the typical comic book with busty women in tight-fitting spandex, look elsewhere. Most of the guys portrayed might wear a harness or a sheer top to go with their revealing briefs. And Moore knows how to make the guys sexy enough without getting salacious.

Two issues into this five-part limited series, and we still have more questions than answer about Harlow. What childhood trauma – what sins – gave him his special sight? If he believes in Hell, how can he not have faith that Heaven exists? And where does he get those fabulous masks? While all may not ultimately be revealed over the next three issues, a big cliffhanger at the end of this chapter suggests that answers are coming. Have faith.

Sins of the Black Flamingo #2 will be available for purchase on July 27, 2022.

Sebastian Harlow is not a religious man. Sure, he’s a man of faith who believes in demons, magic and theCOMICONRead More

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