Your Viking Voyage ‘When The Wolf Comes’ Is Coming To Roll20

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Recently I covered When the Wolf Comes, a TTRPG from Outland Entertainment that was hitting Kickstarter. Well, it smashed its goal and today I found myself in possession of the following updates from the creator and the Outland press team.

“Outland Entertainment today announced that it is bringing its newly Kickstarted roleplaying game, When the Wolf Comes, to life on Roll20, the largest platform for free online roleplaying.”

This means that all the virtual assets, character sheets, and things you will need to enjoy the TTRPG experience online are coming to Roll 20. For those of us who play from home and can’t get together in a regular in-person group, this is great news.

When asked Jeremy Mohler, Publisher at Outland Entertainment said, “It is a natural move for Outland to explore this exciting and popular digital frontier. We’re delighted to work with Roll20 and an extremely talented group of people at Sigil Entertainment to bring this project to life. Fans everywhere will benefit from an exciting new interactive take on our Worlds and what better way to start than with a Viking voyage.”

Todd Gizzi, Content Manager at Roll20 said, “It’s very exciting to see fresh new content on the platform. Fans are always hungry for new games, and When the Wolf Comes offers something visually compelling, mechanically superb, and brutally Norse!”

Creator Ian Stuart Sharpe added, “Virtual tabletops really open up a world of gaming opportunities. I’ve been a heavy user of Roll20 ever since the pandemic made traditional pizza and dice gatherings impossible, and now there is no turning back. It’s the perfect place to stage Ragnarok! So, as they say in Old Norse Kasta þú tveggja tigu teningi!”

When The Wolf Comes is a game of storytelling, heroism, and epic struggle set during a reimagined Norse End of Days. A complete stand-alone roleplaying game, the When The Wolf Comes Compendium provides everything you need to create and play characters, form warbands in pursuit of fame and plunder, and tell sci-fi sagas with your friends. The Kickstarter for the game, which is already over 200% funded, closes on August 11th. Potential backers can find more information on the campaign page.

Welcome to the table. Recently I covered When the Wolf Comes, a TTRPG from Outland Entertainment that was hitting Kickstarter.COMICONRead More

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