Art For Art’s Sake # 165 – Who Needs Superman When You’ve Got Lois Lane?

Art For Art’s Sake – bringing you the world of comic art every single week. But hey, it’s hardly a chore, it beats working down a pit…

This week, we’ll end with a little celebration of comics’ best journalist… Lois Lane. But first, these delights…

Sarah LeuverKingdom Come Supergirl


Ky Williams – Batman costume ideas…

Bruce & Selina by Otto Schmidt

George Kambadais – The Flash

I have no idea why Francesco Francavilla did this, but so glad he did – DuckDevil…

Pity poor PJ Holden, he’s been showing us this beautiful panel (where jungle is Massive!) on Twitter and then posts this along with the finished work:

Because I’m a big old berk who didn’t read the script properly, I’m having to scrap this entire panel (I blame partial brainfog) so you get to see it.

… and more PJ Holden – Deadman…

Dave Wachter – Black Canary & Wildcat

Phil Noto

Uncle Scrooge by Don Rosa

Steve Rude – Superman & Shazam –

Dan Hipp – The Batman

Christian Ward – variant covers for Batman Beyond

Marco TuriniDC vs Vampires #1

Tula LotayFire Power #12

Immortal Iron Fist #3 – David Aja

Boba Fett Defends His Prize – Walt Simonson (Star Wars #44, 1981)

From Scott Gray

The very first Lois Lane story is an absolute comedy gem written by Don Cameron and drawn by Ed Dobrotka.

Now, I think this is the Lois Lane, Girl Reporter newspaper strip that ran from 1943-1944. I think the pages here are from some sort of reprint, given that they’ve got that DC Comics ‘continued on 2nd page following’ things at the bottom of some of the pages – although I could be completely wrong.

But no matter where it’s from – Gray’s absolutely right – absolute gem…


And some more of the Lois Lane newspaper strips…


And because I was busy googling Lois Lane, there’s plenty more gorgeous artwork out there I figured I’d share…

Brittney Williams

Mike Perkins

Elena Casagrande –

Yasmine Putri

Sana Takeda

Kamome Shirahama

Nicola Scott

Bilquis Evely

Ramon Villalobos

Eddy NunezFlashpoint – Lois Lane & The Resistance

Sean Philips

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

Dick Giordano –

Curt Swan & Stan Kaye – 

Art For Art’s Sake – bringing you the world of comic art every single week. But hey, it’s hardly aCOMICONRead More

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