Previewing ‘Monster Fun’ #3: Summer Gets Silly With The Wonderful Weirdness Of The ‘Monster Fun Summer Special’

The third issue of the bi-monthly rebirth of Monster Fun brings the “laffs” to the beach:

Cover by Neil Googe, colours by Len O’Grady

Another cracking 36 pages of fun in the sun now with the first new British humour comic since The Phoenix Comic launched back in 2012. Monster Fun is Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics making good on their promises to really do something special with the rich history of British humour comics that they worked hard to acquire over the last decade.

Published every two months, Monster Fun is a combination of old characters with modern creators and a couple of excellent completely new strips, as well as the return of one of Britain’s most beloved superhero strips, The Leopard From Lime Street.

And just like the past two issues, there’s a whole host of funny stuff in here, something to make you guffaw, giggle, and generally feel that bit better. So, if you have kids, if you have relatives and friends with kids, if you have any connection with a local school – do the comics world a huge favour and get them Monster Fun!

Okay, full preview down the page, but here’s just a couple of few stand-outs from this issue… although frankly it’s all rather wonderfully funny…

Kid Kong by Alec Worley and Karl Dixon

Inside, the fun all kicks off with the brilliant Kid Kong by Alec Worley and Karl Dixon – this time the silliest ape in all comics has been sent off to Camp Sunshine for the summer hols… except it’s raining all the time (“Kid not like rain. Kid’s fur gets soggy. Makes him smell like wet dog.”), the taskmaster in charge is called Mr Shoutington and is living up to his name (“Kid not heard anyone shout so loud. Not since Kid ran over Nan’s foot with his bike.”), and there’s a devious squirrel on the loose… cue manic fun and games with Kid, the squirrel, and Mr Shoutington all discovering the fun of getting back to nature.

Then there’s part three of Steel Commando, where Ned Hartley and Dan Boultwood do that impressive juggling of comedy multi-part storylines and get it oh so right – Hartley never sacrifices the funny for the story and Boultwood’s storytelling comedy smarts out in force.

The bigger story is all about Maxine Von Kloor’s plans for domination, an evil Steel Commando, her monster bats, and portals in time that brought Johnny Future into the past and now take good Steel Commando and the gang to the present day where all the AI in London has been taken over.

Simple solution thinks Steel Commando… “They are all robots like me? I NEED TO TALK TO THEM!”

Now that’s always funny – Steel Commando by Ned Hartley and Dan Boultwood

But even better is the sending up of Johnny Future, another one of Britain’s superhero types… much to Steel Commando, Penny, and Ernie Bates’ amusement, a perfect little moment that says so much about Brit comics, that have never been all that keen on superheroes and all their pomp. Kudos to Ned Hartley and Dan Boultwood for doing the pricking here.

More Steel Commando – with added Johnny Future


MONSTER FUN #3Summer Special – published Wednesday 3rd August 2022

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What about what’s inside this issue… well, it’s funny you should ask…


KID KONG – Alec Worley and Karl Dixon


STEEL COMMANDO – Ned Hartley and Dan Boultwood, letters by Leila Jess


FRANKIE STEIN – Cavan Scott and John Lucas, colours by Gary Caldwell, letters Amber Sea


DRACULASS – Lizzie Boyle and Edward Whatley, letters by H.A. O’Millar




MARTHA’S MONSTER MAKE UP – David Bulmer and Abigail Bulmer, letters by SquakeZz


HIRE A HORROR – Matt Baxter


THE LEOPARD FROM LIME STREET – Simon Furman and Laurent LeFeuvre


HELL’S ANGEL – Chris Garbutt

The third issue of the bi-monthly rebirth of Monster Fun brings the “laffs” to the beach: Another cracking 36 pagesCOMICONRead More

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