Kickstarting Comics: Futuristic Sci-Fi Fun And Drama In ‘After The Robot Apocalypse’ #1

When I’m not editing or teaching I also help organise a graffiti festival. And through both comics and graffiti I have met a while bunch of talents creators, with many graffiti artists also huge comic book fans. And it was through my love of street art that I first met Keith Hopewell, aka S.P:Zero76.

Over the past few years Hopewell has been slaving away on his very first full colour comic book, After the Robot Apocalypse #1, which he has recently launched on Kickstarter. And, after just the first 24 hours it has been fully funded. That’s quite the feat for a first timer. But, with a strong following amongst fans of street art, will that crossover to Hopewell’s hoped for readership, us comic book fans? Well, here’s hoping a plug here can help. Maybe after seeing this preview artwork and some of the rewards on offer you may be tempted too?

Here’s the story behind the comic book’s inception:

“I have been spray painting for around 10-11 years now and when I started, I used to paint one character per wall, on a plain background. Eventually I got bored of that and wanted to make each wall look like the cover of a comic. So that each wall told its own tale.

They were all set within one fictional story, which became ‘After the Robot Apocalypse’ and the idea was that there were things going on in the background and foreground leading the viewer to write their own story… but as I painted more and more walls and drew more illustrations featuring the same story, that story and their characters started to take on a life of their own and their stories had to be told.

One particular wall that I painted in my home town of Doncaster (above) actually features enough detail that it actually became the intro of Issue 1, and although the walls wont always dictate the story there will be a nod to each one I painted throughout the series.”

There are various rewards to be had including pins, sticker packs, colouring books, t-shirts and, of course, a physical copy of the debut issue including a limited edition variant cover signed edition.

If you are interested in backing this campaign then do visit the After the Robot Apocalypse #1 here and pledge now.

When I’m not editing or teaching I also help organise a graffiti festival. And through both comics and graffitiCOMICONRead More

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