Review: ‘Dark Crisis’ #3 Offers Up Little Hope In This Enthralling Blockbuster Series

With the tone of this series being one of pessimism, it’s good to see that there is still a glimmer of hope, even of those voices are drowned out. The giving this midway point in this latest multiverses crisis the grim gravitas it requires. And Joshua Williamson does this very well. The likes of Superman/Jon Kent and Wonder Girl may be the very few who cannot, will not succumb to the dark, pervading atmosphere of a world bereft of the Justice League and overcome by Deathstroke’s army, but the reader is certainly left with the sense of impending doom and the encroaching evil of The Darkness courtesy of Pariah’s Dark Army. 

Helping establish and sustain this dark tone is the colour work of Alejandro Sánchez who relies on a darker colour palette for most of the book. Although with the entrance of a particular team that does offer some hope, those colours give way to a more warmer, brighter scene. But, it’s fleeting, even though it does add a huge amount of hope to proceedings.

As I have said before, and happy to state again, Daniel Sampere’s artwork on this series has reached another level when compared to the previous work I was familiar with. A true top tier talent well worth his place on this auspicious and important series for DC Comics. His ability to capture Black Adam’s tension and underlying ruthlessness in just his face alone while contrasting that with the more noble continence of Superman’s expression is just one standout moment. The book is full of them, including a great scene involving the Green lantern Corps and Hal Jordan’s very own dramatic and shocking moment I can only think is meant to remind readers of a particular moment in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths series involving The Flash. You’ll know the bit when you read it. But then, this series has been full of such moments now we know it is the spiritual sequel to the aforementioned masterpiece.

A truly blockbuster of a series that continues to enthral and engage the reader with many threads Williamson has laid out in previous miniseries coming together to form one large tapestry of tragedy and, one would imagine, ultimate triumph. Although the jury is still out as to what will remain once the cosmic dust has settled. 

Dark Crisis #3 is out now from DC Comics

With the tone of this series being one of pessimism, it’s good to see that there is still a glimmerCOMICONRead More

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