Review: Tension Abounds In `There’s Something Wrong With Patrick Todd’ #2

Patrick Todd is not having a good day. His mom is sick, and he’s been using his mind control powers to steal money for her treatment. Someone has just broken into his motel room and robbed him of that money. And a guy claiming to be his dad – who in reality is a machete-wielding, decapitation-loving serial killer – is stalking him.

Meanwhile, the cops are looking to understand why the money from a series of supposedly solved bank robberies wound up in his room. There’s enough tension building in this book for three issues or more.

While this issue doesn’t clue us in on the answers, the pace from writer Ed Brisson is brisk enough to, and keep the reader engaged. The answers have to come eventually, but Brisson is experienced enough to know when to dole them out – and when to dangle new ones in front of his audience.

The issue opens like a police procedural. In fact, we barely see Todd in the first half of the book, with Brisson insisting to tell the story at his own deliberate pace. Again, with other writers this could be an issue, but Brisson knows his audience. When we finally catch up with Todd, he’s escaping a mall after stealing a laptop. He deals with a security guard in a unique way. (When a kid with mind control tells you to get bent – or words close to that – hilarity ensues.)

Artist Gavin Guidry does a good job of ratcheting up the tension as well, depicting the horrific killer Zeus with his funky helmet. With Zeus’ creepy smile alone, the reader automatically knows this guy is up to no good. No text or further explanation required. Guidry also does a nice job of varying his panels on pages that call for little more than talking heads. His cover, which features a silhouette of Zeus carrying his machete and a head is also a highlight.

After only two issues, the creative team has developed a series that forces the reader to come back for next month’s issue. No mind control needed here.

There’s Something Wrong with Patrick Todd #2 is available for purchase today.

Patrick Todd is not having a good day. His mom is sick, and he’s been using his mind control powersCOMICONRead More

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