SelfMadeHero’s Autumn Quartet Announced – Including The Graphic Novel Adaptation Of ‘Sophie’s World’

Philosophy, fine art, and the Suffragette movement, SelfMadeHero‘s newly announced quartet of Fall releases promises so much.


As we mentioned when we previewed Alice Guy: First Woman of Film recently, SelfMadeHero have a long record of publishing some of the most diverse and eclectic, not to mention rather brilliant, titles in their graphic novel range. And the new quartet of books announced for their third quarter of 2022 publishing slate is no exception, including an adaptation of Jostein Gaarder’s best-selling Sophie’s World; Oscar Zarate‘s biography of painter Thomas Girton, a contemporary of Turner; and new titles from Barbara Stok and the Eisner-nominated Rickard Sisters dealing with philosophy and the Suffrage movement respectively.

All four of the books just sound like winners, but it’s the graphic novel adaptation of Sophie’s World, the fascinating and enthralling 1991 novel by Jostein Gaarder, that leads the way. In the novel, young Sophie Amundsen, a Norwegian teen, receives an anonymous letter simply asking her ‘Who are you?’ It’s that question that takes both Sophie and the reader on a journey of philosophical history and discovery. This first volume of the adaptation takes us from Socrates to Galileo in the skillful hands of the French writer and artist team of Vincent Zabus and Nicoby where they bring a multi-million bestseller to a new medium with wit and style.

After this, we have the return of the Argentinian artist Oscar Zarate, still possibly best-known for his art on the Alan Moore written A Small Killing from 1991 but whose lush illustration style has blessed a series of great books, including Alexi Sayle’s Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian as well as a series of ‘For Beginners’ and ‘Introducing’ books that include looks at Lenin, Freud, Stephen Hawking, Quantum Theory, Marxism, and Evolutionary Psychology.

Here, he’s writing and drawing Thomas Girtin: The Forgotten Painter, with a story of a watercolour master and a friend and rival of Turner in a graphic novel SMH tell us will be “interweaving historical narrative with modern fiction,” which sounds fascinating and something Zarate’s beautiful style could be perfect for.

There’s a second philosophy book on the slate as Barbara Stok returns to SMH after her beautiful and vibrant Vincent graphic biography of Van Gogh. Her new book The Philosopher, the Dog and the Wedding is a biography again, this time of Hipparchia, one of the earliest known female philosophers.

Finally, we have the immensely talented Rickard Sisters and No Surrender, an adaptation of Suffragette Constance Maud’s 1911 novel. This is the first new work from the Rickard Sisters since their stunning adaptation of author Robert Tressell’s 1914 classic of working-class literature The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and promises to be every bit as magnificent as that first work.

So, four books, four intriguing and fascinating works that I cannot wait to be reading!

Now, to give you a taste of what to expect – and we’ll have previews of all of these nearer their publication – here are covers and SelfMadeHero’s PR for each book…

Philosophy is, literally, the love (philo-) of wisdom (sophia) – which is where the heroine of Jostein Gaarder’s cult 1990s novel Sophie’s World gets her name. Receiving an anonymous letter one day, asking simply “Who are you?”, her search for an answer takes her – and us – on a voyage of discovery. We are proud to announce Sophie’s World: A Graphic Novel About the History of Philosophy. With this first volume, From Socrates to Galileo, French creative duo Vincent Zabus and Nicoby’s adaptation of this classic translate the quest for fundamental meaning into a whole new medium.


Following on from the success of their Eisner-nominated graphic novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, the Rickard sisters are back with another sumptuously faithful adaptation, this time of Constance Maud’s pioneering novel from 1911, No Surrender. Maud once stood tall at the heart of the British campaign for Votes For Women, and her book at once explained, reflected, and crucially advanced the Suffragist cause. Now brilliantly realized as a graphic novel, this stunning new release embodies both elements of that rallying call that has echoed down the years: “Deeds Not Words!”


SelfMadeHero’s own rallying cry to promote the heroines of history also comes in the form of acclaimed graphic artist Barbara Stok’s new book The Philosopher, the Dog and the Wedding, which tells the true story of Hipparchia, one of the earliest known female philosophers. The enlightened teachings and contrarian ideas of this brave 4th-century BC devotee of the so-called ‘Cynical’ movement in Ancient Greece, rejecting established hierarchies of patriarchal wealth or social position, continue to resonate in the 230 centuries since her death.


And talking of voyages of discovery, this Autumn also sees Thomas Girtin: The Forgotten Painter, the long-awaited new work by veteran graphic novelist Oscar Zarate. A friend and rival of the great J.M.W. Turner, by the time of his early death in 1802, Girtin had already established himself as a genius of watercolour. Interweaving historical narrative with modern fiction, Zarate’s own masterpiece pays unique homage to this neglected pioneer.Philosophy, fine art, and the Suffragette movement, SelfMadeHero‘s newly announced quartet of Fall releases promises so much.   As weCOMICONRead More

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