ECCC 2022 Exclusive- Another Critical Hit From Mad Cave Studios

Welcome to the table.

Look at these dice!


As many of you know (if you don’t, check out this link), The Last Session from Mad Cave Studios is easily my favorite new comic I have read this year. Jasmine Walls and Dozerdaws spin such a true-to-life tabletop role-playing story, following both the players and the characters they play in the most trope-free, honest, heartwarming way that it made me cry the first time I read it.

It’s not that the book is sappy or emotionally devastating. My emotional reaction was not the result of some “Very Special Episode” tear-jerker kind of ordeal. The reason this book moved me was that I have rolled dice for the majority of my life. Character sheets and group storytelling have been a foundation way I have interacted with the world and allowed the world to interact with me. This book is such an honest telling of what it was like coming up at the table and learning to figure out who we are, who “new people” were, and how you deal with life getting in the way of your time at the table with the people you trust and love the most. Rolling dice was as important to me as learning how to shave and tie my shoes… dice have always been in my world.

So when a package from Mad Cave Studios arrived at my door, I was curious what was going to be inside. The dice you can see in the pictures above along with some really rad book marks and an issue of The Last Session #1 greeted me and my heart was overwhelmed.

You see, Mad Cave Studios is going to be at Emerald City Comic Con (Booth #2001), and along with a slew of really amazing comics, you can (while supplies last) pick up a set of your very own ECCC Exclusive The Last Session Dice!

Now, these dice roll like a dream. The below pic is not quality but I was laughing so hard when I rolled the dice for the first time that I got what I got and then in typical fashion, my little Hester (she is a five-month-old kitten) decided she wanted to roll her initiative as well. She rolled an 8 and forced me to try and use a toy Sword of Omens sword to knock the D20 out from behind the desk.

The dice bag is quality and has the comic logo on it. The dice themselves have a great feel they are not waxy or weird the way some cheap bargain bin dice can be. Mad Cave really did something special with these and as someone who already connects so hard with the source material, these dice will have a place of honor in my collection.


Seriously, I know I keep saying it but Mad Cave Studios are really bringing the hits.

Until next time, may you always roll criticals, and don’t forget to stop by the Mad Cave Studios booth, #2001, at Emerald City Comic Con on August 18-21, 2022!


Welcome to the table. Look at these dice!   As many of you know (if you don’t, check out thisCOMICONRead More

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