Advance Review: The Sins Of The Father Dominate `Public Domain’ #3

When adult children make serious mistakes with their lives, who is to blame? Is it the parents who may have done a bad job of raising their kids, or the children themselves who fail to learn from their screw ups?

While the answer is different for each family, many parents ultimately place the blame on themselves – rightly or wrongly. After getting the guilt trip from his wife in the last issue, artist Syd Dallas decides it’s time to make up for his years of focusing on his comic book work and ignoring his family. After all, his kids have issues. Miles has potential as a writer, but a gambling problem has constantly landed him in trouble with loan sharks and their enforcers. Brother Dave is a tattoo artist who thinks he knows what his customers need more than they do.

After learning that he – not publisher Singluar – is actually the rights holder to the most lucrative fictional super hero on Earth, Syd decides to negotiate. Better to get some quick cash for his family in an effort to try to make up for his past sins than to enter a protected legal battle with a multinational media corporation. That’s a marked change for Syd – and the results of the negotiations looks to change the trajectory of the series altogether.

Superstar creator Chip Zdarsky, who handles both writing and artwork for the series, is clearly telling a personal story. (It doesn’t hurt that Syd and Miles bear a striking resemblance to Zdarsky.) And it’s one that is relatable to nearly any working parent.

Yet as relatable as it is, the story seems to have lost its edge. As a comic book commenting on the nature of superhero comics and movies, Public Domain was at its best. As a family drama, it’s a quaint tale that readers have encountered before. Perhaps the series likely pivot will bring back the edge, because a comic focused exclusively on family drama is a tough sell.

Public Domain #3 will be available for purchase on August 24, 2022.

When adult children make serious mistakes with their lives, who is to blame? Is it the parents who may haveCOMICONRead More

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