The Art Of Politics – The End Of The Summer And The Start Of The Breakdown

The Art of Politicsif a picture paints a thousand words, then a good political cartoonist can cut to the heart of the issues of the day better than any news service.

This month… everything just gets worse and worse and worse and worse, or at least that’s the way it seems.

We’ll kick off with the good old not so United Kingdom, where it’s like living in a country with no government right now because the Tory leadership contest is still going on. Basically, even though Boris is still in charge, he’s just coasting and not doing anything useful. Meanwhile, there’s a cost of livign crisis biting hard, energy bills have gone up, up, up, up, up to levels where people are having to choose between heating and eating, there’s sewage pouring into the seas and rivers, the National Health Service is falling apart, and there’s a very real possibility of general strikes and some sort of civil uprising as things get worse and worse and worse.

So, just the same as normal then.

Nicola Jennings sums it up…


Cost of living & the energy crisis – don’t be ill, don’t be old, don’t be poor…

Prices are going up, wages are stagnant, and the energy price cap keeps going up, with the latest news announcing an 80% rise in energy costs meaning that an increasingly high proportion of households are in fuel poverty.

In a month where we sadly lost Raymond Briggs, Morten Morland leads the tributes with this piece of brilliance with the look and feel of Briggs’ When The Wind Blows

And then there’s Ben Jennings with a chilling Raymond Briggs tribute..

Chris Riddell

And another Chris Riddell

Peter Schrank – 

Banx – 

Ben Jennings – the cost of living crisis with added sewage crisis – all pointing to a hard, hard winter

Martin Rowson – 

Morten Morland


Recession & Inflation & Strikes

Of course, given the absolute mess of leadership the Tory Party have delivered over the last decade plus, it’s no surprise that everything seems to be falling apart right now – we have the Pound plummeting, inflation rising, and a workforce realising that they just can’t afford to live, probably as a result of the year on year effective decrease in wages thanks to rising costs and wages that haven’t kept up.

So yes, as there are dire warnings of recession and inflation, the Unions have come out and the strikes are beginning. And of course, those in power, all those nice Tory millionaires, have decried the Union’s actions as inflationary and damaging to the economy. Because after all, all the proles should just sit back, meek and mild, and accept what their given.

Martin Rowson – 

Martin Rowson – 

Morten Morland – 


Would you like some sewage with your water?

Steve Bell Not only a drought with water companies mopping up profits, but a scandal of the amount of sewage allowed to be released into rivers and the seas of Britain…

Stephen Lillie – 

Morten Morland



The Tory Leadership Election – far more important than anything else going on… 

And whilst all this goes on, as sewage pollutes the waterways and the sea, as young and old wonder how they’re going to heat their homes AND eat this winter… there’s a Tory leadership election in September. So we’ve got the two remaining contenders, Rushi Sunak and Liz Truss, both spouting off about what they’re going to do without either of them actually saying much and certainly not actually deciding to do anything to help those in desperate need right now.

Chris Riddell – 

Martin Rowson – 

Rebecca Hendin – 

Dave Brown – 

Morten Morland

And again for Morten Morland… 

Dave Brown – 

Steve Bell on Liz Truss being quick to play the ‘oh yes I would’ card when asked about the threat of nuclear war.

Chris Riddell – 

Martin Rowson again, this time adding in the drought sweeping across the country…

Nicola Jennings – more drought, pointing out that water company profits have, like so many other previous nationalised companies, gone up and up and up…


Boris – MIA

But surely, you ask, isn’t Boris Johnson still in charge? Well, officially yes, but seeing as he was useless when he was in power, how much good do you think he’s doing now that he knows he’s out of a job in September?  Yeah, right…

Ben Jennings – 

Peter Schrank – 



Over to the USA…

Okay then, so Britain is its usual chaotic mess. How about the USA? Well, things are pretty much as usual over there as well.

The thing you notice when looking at US political cartooning is that, like the political commentary and the news, it’s very partisan and things do tend to linger in the memory – now, if you haven’t realised by now, I have to admit to being left-leaning in most things. Although, looking at the USA with the eyes of a Brit, you can hardly not be left-leaning… where what seem like revolutionary ideas, treating people with kindness, allowing women to decide things, not having religion interfere in politics, actually believing in free speech and not being keen on virtual book burnings, and not having a culture where guns are more protected than children, are decried as something almost amounting to Communism. Oh America, please do better.

Anyway, in a month where all manner of terrible things happened around the world, so many of the US cartoonists looked inward – meaning there’s a real obsession with all things Trump still…


Your new favourite US TV Show – FBI: Mar-a-Lago

Yes, Trump’s little holiday home got raided by FBI agents in a search for confidential and secret documents taken from the White House.

Martin Rowson

Morten Morland – 


And Kal once more…

Bill Bramhall

Bill Bramhall –  

Chris Britt – 

And Chris Britt again…

Christopher Weyant – 

Pia Guerra – 

Mike Peters – 

Ann Telnaes – 

Tim Campbell

Now, remember what I was saying about the left-leaning bias I have in these things, much like a lot of people in the rest of the world would have when judged by the American right.

Well here’s a case in point… AF Branco on Trump’s triumph over everyone who opposes him, standing up for American values and being firmly on the side of the people. Looking at it with a foreigner’s eye… well, that’s just not the way it is, not at all. But there’s example after example of this sort of thing in American political cartooning, the sort of absolute nonsense we see from right-wing media and right-wing voters as well.


Prices, prices, prices… and debt, debt, debt…

After that, there were a fair few about the current state of America with supply chain issues and gas prices (Americans really really hate gas going up to anything more than the price they paid 20/30 years ago). But somehow, not so concerned with prices for medical coverage and prescription drugs. Yeah, weird. We also had Biden paying off some of the crippling student debt this month – and that was met with very mixed views around the country.

Bill Bramhall – 


Matt Davies – 



The fight for your bodies continues…

Well, it was way less important than all the cartoons about Trump, but there are still some running with it, especially in a country with more and more states looking to impose draconian measures restricting women’s right to choose…

Ann Telnaes

Matt Weurker

Matt Wuerker –  



Partisan politics with veterans in the middle…

It would seem pretty obvious, especially in a country that supposedly values its veterans and their service that when you send troops abroad, get them to dispose of machinery and fuel in burn pits, and not surprisingly some of the veterans get seriously ill and even die from the toxic fumes, then it’s up to the government to provide and compensate the veterans affected.  Right? Well, not necessarily. The PACT Act bill went before the Senate and was blocked by Republicans in some sort of tit-for-tat thing when Democrats announced a separate tax and spending bill that Republicans are united against.

Thankfully, the outcry, including the media presence of John Stewart, meant the bill eventually passed on an 86-11 vote, with the support of 37 GOP senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But the sight of Ted Cruz fist bumping fellow Republicans after the bill failed that first time… well, let’s let Jack Ohman deal with that one…

Drew Sheneman – 


The USA and China decided to have a little ruckus over Taiwan…

Of course, it wasn’t all inward looking – there were a few cartoonists taking a swipe at what’s going on with China and the USA, with Taiwan in the middle… all prompted by Nancy Pelosi’s to Taiwan.

Matt Davies – 

Michael de Adder – 


And Kal again…

Peter Schrank


Martin Ronson

Pat Chappatte – 


And of course… Russian V Ukraine

Yes, it’s still going on… but it’s getting a lot less coverage worldwide. Almost as though the media’s getting bored of it…

Peter Schrank – 

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