Art For Art’s Sake # 171 – Oh, The Art Looks Grand From Here

Art For Art’s Sake – it’s a fine, fine day out in the world [said no-one right now]. But you know what? At least there’s always some bloody lovely comic art out there in the world to make your day just that little bit better.

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (Via David Roach):

I saw this last night and just had to share it- Jose Luis Garcia Lopez re-imagines Archie and chums for what was, I think a Convention poster. Jose’s sense of movement is just fantastic.

Dan White… a lil’ Nemesis and lil’ Torquemada…

Steve Bissette:

“John Jennings and I (with another of John’s circle of creative partners) have been cooking up something together. Not sure when or how it’s all gonna break out, but it will, and when it does, you’ll recognize the roots of what we’re hoping to do in some of these collaborative improvisations John has been sharing of late on his own social media.”

Well yes, it’s a Constantine…

First the Bissette version, then with added colours from John Jennings

Patrick Goddard ABC commission –

John Watson

X-Men portfolio piece from way back, probably 2002! Oil on canvas board. This is the best image I have of the art (long sold), from a photo (pre-digital days). The couch is terribly dated, but well rendered!

Sanford Greene – Black Panther –

Lee Gatlin doing a bit of Moon Knight…

Rian Gonzales

My cover for Captain Carter #1! I loved working on this ? ? Hope you guys like it too! gouache on Strathmore watercolor paper

Peach Momoko – Black Cat

Jorge Fornes

Joshua Hixson – The Lizard

Vicenzo Riccardo

Steve Rude – Big Barda and hubby

And a couple of MJ and hubby from Steve Rude as well…

Adrian Salmon

Barbara Steele and big dog. Black Sunday.

Sebastian Piriz – Galactus

Geof Darrow – variant cover for Hulk: Grand Design Madness.

A few from Mike McKone

Groo Vs Conan – art by Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates

And a few from Art Adams

Art For Art’s Sake – it’s a fine, fine day out in the world [said no-one right now]. But youCOMICONRead More

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