Review: ‘Ant-Man’ #4 Honors A Tiny But Powerful Legacy

It was obvious from the beginning that Ant-Man was going to be something special. With the series wrapped, not only did it accomplish that, but it got me excited for more.

Al Ewing, Tom Reilly, Jordie Bellaire, and Cory Petit wrap up a timeless homage to one of Marvel’s greatest legacies.

Zayn Asghar is the Ant-Man of the future! As one of the heroes of a world recovering from a cataclysmic disaster, he has an opportunity to do real good by cloning insects and using time travel to encode them with millennia of instinct. Unfortunately, his time travels instead from the ultimate foe- the All-Father Ultron! Now he needs a little help from his predecessors to stop Ultron from destroying his world, again!

There’s only one flaw to this book, and it’s that it isn’t longer.

This is a blast to read, and I feel like it flew under a lot of radars. Ewing takes almost the entire history of Ant-Man and Giant-Man and has crafted an absolutely killer story around it. Each Ant-Man has his own role in the action, and each one has their own skills and personality. Zayn is a great addition to the Ant-Man canon, especially spinning out of Ewing’s own Ultron Forever story.

Petit deserves props for his work with the script too. He takes a rich info-dump of exposition and turns it into engaging captions and dialogue. The future narration feels futuristic, and not just because of Ewing’s far out script. Without Petit, it wouldn’t have be nearly as effective.

Reilly has been an artistic chameleon in each issue, and that’s been one of the appeals of it. This issue he uses flat shapes to make the time period stand out, and each trip back gets its own style, which matches the spotlight issue that preceded it. It’s subtle, but makes each character distinct in their visual language on the page. Bellaire switches up her color style with those time periods and it creates a spectrum on the page that gives the art an incredible depth.

This series has been such a highlight of the late summer, and I can’t wait for the follow-up Wasp miniseries early next year.

Ant-Man #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.

It was obvious from the beginning that Ant-Man was going to be something special. With the series wrapped, not onlyCOMICONRead More

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