Advance Review: ‘Mega Centurions: Mega No More’ #4 Astounds

Writer Jon Parrish does a fantastic job with a plot twist that keeps this narrative from being predictable. Though it helps that artist Dexter Wee is able to pull off suitable reactions during this particular reveal. Parrish and Wee also continue to do great at providing believable and relatable characterization. In Parrish’s case it is through natural sounding bits of dialogue. While  Wee does so through reactions and panel compositions. However, both Parrish and Wee still have room for improvement to their respective skills. In Wee’s case it is consistency of facial features, and in Parrish’s case it is in providing time stamps.

Colorist Kote Carvajal does a great job with the majority of the interior color palette. In particular Caravajal’s choice of more dour colors in present day scenes helps signify the glory days are no more. However, there is arguably too bright of a reddish-orange used in the first few pages. Thus, when a shift in time occurs it is more noticeable than it should be. (Though it is fair to note that this could be just a problem due to this reviewer’s slight color-blindness.)

Wee and Carvajal provide an excellent cover. The darker colors enhance the grim characterization while fostering a foreboding atmosphere. It also suggests that both Wee and Carvajal have some idea of how to suggest light sources. In this case it feels like there is a suggestion of a television light shining in a dark room. Unfortunately the inks are a little bit thick on the fingers. Thus, the choice of palette somewhat assistances in that area looking like a clump.

Letterer Cristian Dolomansky does an impressive job with select bits of emphasis. Although it might be tricky for those who have more severe forms of color-blindness to notice. Yet, Dolomansky makes an attempt at placement that should at least assist even those with severe forms to detect something. However, Dolomansky is not the only one doing lettering on this book since production artist Sean Callahan does the trade dress. Callahan places the text in such a way that it almost exudes from the cover.

Mega Centurions: Mega No More #4 sees release by Scout Comics on Wednesday October 26th.

Writer Jon Parrish does a fantastic job with a plot twist that keeps this narrative from being predictable. Though itCOMICONRead More

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