Advance Review: ‘The Magic Order 3’ #4 Stuns And Shocks

(+++ WARNING: This review of The Magic Order 3 #4 contains some spoilers +++)

With each new volume of The Magic Order, Mark Millar reveals tantalising more tidbits about the Moonstones’ complex family history. And the opening of this issue is an issue that does exactly that. But, just as we learn of the first Moonstone who has been recuperating for some 500 years in the Moonstone family castle, we also learn of a darkness at the heart of this family in the shape of family patriarch, Edgar Moonstone. A man who has already been presented as a man of potentially enormous universal powers and who does away with the older Moonstone with barely having to lift a finger. And here I thought it was Edmund who was the bastard in Shakespeare’s King Lear, from which Millar has appropriated many of this family’s names. Seems not. 

But, before the reader can even begin to fathom the sheer magnitude of what Edgar’s actions could result in, we are whisked away to focus on hitman, Sacha Sanchez and his own plans for Rosie, which may or may not be less than innocent. Even if she doesn’t know it yet. Although, this particular scene does allow artist extraordinaire, Gigi Cavenago, to produce a spot-on homage to the late, great comic book artist, Alex Toth masquerading as a narrative device that allows Rosie and Sanchez to cross dimensions. It’s all ridiculously fantastical stuff in a comic where anything can happen, no matter how daft. But, damn, if this isn’t a feel-good moment in a comic that seems to only get darker with each new issue of this particular volume. This particular comic-within-a-comic also foreshadows some of the more horrific elements of this book too as the comic progresses and we get a rather Lovecraftian cliffhanger climax. One of two served up in this issue.

Velantina Napolitano’s colours are as vibrant as ever and compliment Cavenago’s fluid art style superbly well. An art style that does not need to be flooded in too many different gradients and shadings of colour like so many comic today. Instead Napolitano favours a selection of flatter colours so as to better show off the oft-times fine linework and shadow soaked art. Colours that are drawn from a similar pallet but in combination offer a good deal of depth to the picture, as can be seen so superbly well in the example below:

The Magic Order 3 #4 is a particularly strong instalment in this third volume and also, for me, one of the best standout issue in the family saga so far. An issue that ramps up the action on not one but two fronts, delivers an engaging, thrilling and melodramatic story that only points to more dire times ahead for the Moonstone family. Great news for readers, but maybe not for the Moonstones.

The Magic Order 3 #4 is out Wednesday 26th October from Image Comics.

(+++ WARNING: This review of The Magic Order 3 #4 contains some spoilers +++) With each new volume of TheCOMICONRead More

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