Vault Comics Expands The ‘Barbaric’ Universe With ‘The Year Of The Axe’ Year Long Celebration

Vault will launch The Year of Axe, a year long comic book event that aims to dramatically expand the world of its hit series, Barbaric, created by writer Michael Moreci and artist Nathan Gooden. And we’re here to give you a schedule of releases, starting  Barbaric spin-off one-shot, Queen of Swords, co-written with fantasy author Nicholas Eames (Kings of the Wyld). Following that will be  and a new line of trade paperback Barbaric collections. And all this lot too:



“Now carrying the curse of Axe–who’s as bloodthirsty as ever–Soren works to find a way to get Owen out of hell, and runs into one of the barbarian’s old friends along the way. Meanwhile, Owen is trapped in the underworld–which may not turn out to be such a terrible place after all!”


“The first two trade paperback collections of Barbaric drop on the same day as Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1!”

MAY 2023:


“You asked for it, you got it! he BARBARIC universe expands with this explosive new series! Following the events of Hell To Pay, Ka, Deadheart–wielding Ganelon, which is now infused with the wretched spirit of Ga’Bar–and Serra form an uneasy alliance and journey to obtain a magical relic that’ll help kill the evil orc Gladius. But can Serra be trusted? And will Ga’Bar ever stop talking sh*t?”



“From the mind of fantasy superstar writer Nicholas Eames with Michael Moreci comes a one-shot that dives into Owen’s and Axe’s past, chronicling the time they ran into another sentient weapon, a mace named Flail! But Flail is not at all what you’d expect of a talking weapon, nor is the psychotic paladin who wields him!”

WINTER 2023:


“After the game-changing fallout of Hell To Pay, Owen and Soren go on a quest to find the monster that can supposedly explain Owen’s curse–but he’ll have to travel through barbarian lands to get there!”

Writer Moreci added to this announcement:

“The next volumes of Barbaric are really going to concretize Nate’s and my greatest ambitions for this story. We want it to be big and expansive and remain as wild and ferocious as it’s been since the very start. I mean, in Hell to Pay we’re literally going to follow Owen to hell, which is going to be as batshit crazy as you’d think. Meanwhile, we’ve got Soren cursed with Axe, who’s as bloodthirsty as ever, and Steel dealing with vampire addiction. Then, in Queen of Swords, we’re going to blow up what people know about the Barbaric  world and people think they know about it–it’s not just some side story. This story has serious ties to the Barbaric core. Also, it features a trio of sexy ladies, and no one draws that better than Corin Howell.

Basically, strap in and get ready for Barbaric to take a huge step forward in ’23. Bigger heroes, bigger threats, and bigger veins for Axe to draw sweet, sweet blood from!”

Gooden added:

“Mike and I are continuing to grow the world and the team. The first two books of Barbaric have set up the chess board, and now is when we actually start to play the game out. Joining me on art is Corin Howell! Her covers have become a fan favorite, so it is only natural to have the interiors to match! Joining Mike on writing, is Nicholas Eames for an EPIC one shot! His book, Kings Of The Wyld, is one that inspired us to create Barbaric in the first place. It’s an honor to have each of them play in this universe.” 

Vault will launch The Year of Axe, a year long comic book event that aims to dramatically expand the worldCOMICONRead More

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