Review: ‘Pennyworth’ S03 Ep.6 – ‘Hedgehunter’

If Thomas (Ben Aldridge) and Martha (Emma Paetz) can have a daughter, does that mean they can also get a divorce, because after the turn Thomas’ trip to Gotham took this week, he seems committed to his current, dark path.

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Thomas’ darkness isn’t exactly news. Pennyworth has addressed it before, particularly in the season one episode “Julie Christie.” That’s the one where his sister (Salóme Gunnarsdóttir) is staying with Crowley (Jonjo O’Neill) and Thomas takes his anger out on Jason Ripper (Freddy Carter). Thomas’ actions in that episode weren’t premeditated. His decision to murder his father (Richard Dillane) this week? That took some planning.

Maybe he didn’t know he was going to kill his dad on the plane, but he knew he was going to shoot him when he confronted him in that alley.

Which, let’s talk about that location choice. Undoubtedly it brings to mind how Martha and Thomas will be killed someday, if Pennyworth stays true to Bruce’s origin story – which, going by the new subtitle, is the goal – but it also adds a karmic subtext to Thomas’ fate that’s extremely disturbing.

Does Thomas really believe that this will save his marriage or that Martha would’ve condoned such violence against a family member? That’s the real question, and it’s been looming over this whole trip even before the guns came out. It’s not ok to make a decision like traveling overseas without discussing it with your wife first, let alone when you have a child together, and given all of the options at Thomas’ disposal (ever hear of cutting a parent out of your life?), murder should’ve never been on the table.

Plus, now what? Was it all about the inheritance? Maybe instead of paying for a plane ticket he should’ve been worried about keeping his job so he could afford to support his family without the Wayne riches.

Wayne Enterprises is going to need a new CEO, so undoubtedly this will instigate their move to America (another big, life changing decision that Thomas will be making without Martha, who was conspicuously absent from this episode).

Of course, the series could still backtrack and claim that Thomas never fully recovered from Lullaby. Jessica (Amanda Dahl) certainly reacted to hearing “Candlesticks and Caravans” again, and the CIA probably aren’t too pleased with Patrick Wayne after Martha. In a way it would be disappointing, but if the series is just going to gloss over his actions anyway because Martha and Thomas are endgame and there can’t be consequences, they might as well use Lullaby as an excuse.

Some other thoughts on this week’s episode:

Photograph by Colin Hutton/HBO Max

Alfie (Jack Bannon) does have a pattern with the ladies, and at least Zahra (Jing Lusi) got to call him out on it before their break-up. Every time Alfie wants to call it quits, he makes out like it’s because he’s not good for them, but that’s not a decision he gets to make. It’s infuriating, not noble.
Is this the end of Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith)? It would be an awfully lonely exit for a fan favorite character. Yes, revenge comes with a price but is the show really going to let Salt (Edward Hogg) be the one to take her out?
How much you want to bet that the note Daveboy (Ryan Fletcher) ate was Sandra (Harriet Slater) letting Alfie know that she’s pregnant? And, if so, why would she give it to Daveboy? Why not wait to tell Alfie in-person unless she’s leaving London or going on tour? Why not give the letter to Mr. Chadley (Saikat Ahamed), Mrs. P (Dorothy Atkinson), or just mail it? Slip it under Alfie’s office door? Anyone or anything but Daveboy.

New episodes of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler stream Thursdays on HBO Max.

If Thomas (Ben Aldridge) and Martha (Emma Paetz) can have a daughter, does that mean they can also get aCOMICONRead More

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