Art For Art’s Sake #179: Your Weekly Art Attack

Art For Art’s Sake – all the very best of the art of comics laid out for you here at Comicon, week in and week out…

Nate Powell:

“Happy to announce that my “Comics Are Reading” @ALA_Booklist comic is now available as a downloadable full-size poster (prints up to 18”x24”)— please spread the word! Thanks.” – Very happy to…

Roger Langridge‘s holiday gets off to not the finest start… wonderful comedy timing on that last panel…

Phillip Bond‘s great artwork for Deadline magazine – a fabulous Carter USM cover…

Danesh Mohiuddin (IG: daneshmo) – thanks to Dan Cornwell for the spot.

Alex TothFrontline Combat #8 (EC, 1952) Thunderjet

And another Alex Toth… his classic Black Canary

Cliff Robinson – Dredd & Johnny

Andi Watson – Usagi Yojimbo

Chris Weston – Rocky Horror

Rick Veitch – Nut Peas…

Pander Bros – Batman

Pander Bros – punk Storm

Marguerite SauvageMindMGMT Bootleg #1 variant cover

JaKe – A strange little commission for a Jawa and Midwinter pottery collector

Brahm Revel – ‘”I bet you didn’t know that Commissioner Gordon was a Blade Runner? Well he was in my sketchbook.”

David Roach always finds some incredible artists in his role as a comics historian… case in point:

More Jane Bond original art from my collection. By this point (episode 31) Tina had merged with Princess to become Princess Tina, though Jane Bond survived the merger and ran for another couple of years, all drawn by the brilliant Michael Hubbard. Later episodes were rendered entirely in wash, but at this point only the first panel was, though for this episode Hubbard pretty much painted it in colour, even though it was only printed in black and white.”

Bernie Wrightson

Shannon TindlePeter Parker

And Spidey

Mike Becker – Scoob

Peach Momoko – Kate Bishop

Squeegool – Ms Marvel…

Francesco Francavilla – Blacksad

Tony Harris – Starman

Batman by Charles Burns

Tommy Lee Edwards – Bond, James Bond…

Gabriel Hardman – Demon

Two John McCrea She-Hulks…

And a McCrea Black Bolt –

Enrique Alcatena – Dr Strange

Lee Gatlin doing a few for Marvel July…








Art For Art’s Sake – all the very best of the art of comics laid out for you here atCOMICONRead More

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