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Celebrate The Legacy Of A Comics Original

Dave Stevens was a huge comics talent taken far too soon and Dave Stevens: Drawn To Perfection is a new documentary about the man himself which is funding on kickstarter now…


Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection is an authorized feature-length documentary that paints a portrait of a truly unique artist as told through the lens of his close friends, collaborators, fans, and family along with archival footage, audio, photos, and lots and lots of amazing Dave Stevens artwork.

In 1982, Dave’s iconic character The Rocketeer soared into the hearts of comics fans everywhere, and it was important to us from the start to complete the film in 2022 to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Over the last two years, we have conducted 35 interviews, shot over 80 hours of footage, scanned thousands of photos and artworks to create a 99 minute film which will be released by Samuel Goldwyn Films for download and rental on Dec 2.

Now through the magic of Kickstarter, we are asking for YOUR help to do a physical release of the film on Blu-Ray.

Dave Stevens was a once-in-a-lifetime artist whose hit independent comic book series The Rocketeer reintroduced the world to ‘50s pin-up queen Bettie Page and was adapted into a beloved Disney feature film.

Dave carried with him a style born of 1930s American Pop Culture, an era he never experienced firsthand, but lived on in his heart and through his illustrations.

His award-winning, 35-year career spanned advertising, comics, animation, movies, and TV working with luminaries like Jack Kirby, Doug Wildey, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Landis, and Joe Johnston.

Widely considered one of the best illustrators of his generation, Dave Stevens lived life the way he drew, meticulously pursuing a perfection he saw in his mind.

His elegant brush work and iconic imagery continue to attract fans and inspire new generations of artists.



To celebrate our film’s physical release and to show our appreciation for the backers of this project, ALL rewards will be EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign.


A set of TWO exclusive Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection stickers featuring a 5″ die-cut original art version of Dave Stevens’ Art for Arf’sake logo used for his Bulldog Studios imprint (and coincidentally the first image of our film), and a full bleed 3″x”5 sticker based on our movie poster.


An exclusive black T-shirt featuring the Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection film logo and Rocketeer graphic.  Unisex T-shirt available in sizes XS-3XL.


An exclusive all-region factory pressed Blu-Ray of the documentary.  Physical media releases of documentaries released on digital are rare, but we still love collectible physical media and this is our one chance to do a limited release.

Includes our 99 min. documentary with English subtitles and movie trailer.

Rocketeer One-shot Comic Book Kickstarter Exclusive Editions

The team of DANNY BILSON and PAUL DE MEO were the original screenwriters of The Rocketeer movie released by Disney in 1991.  Danny and Paul also co-wrote the second Rocketeer series, Cliff’s New York Adventure, with Dave Stevens.

During the course of interviewing Danny for Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection, we discovered that many years ago he and Paul had written an unpublished Rocketeer comic book story.

When award-winning artist ADAM HUGHES was told about this during his interview, he had to be the one to illustrate Danny and Paul’s story if the opportunity ever arose.

Thus the idea was born to produce and release a special one-shot Rocketeer comic in tandem with our documentary.  Thanks to the support of comics editor and cast member SCOTT DUNBIER, we’re proud to offer TWO exclusive editions of a unique book containing contributions by EIGHT cast and crew members.

The comic features:

THREE new Rocketeer stories

8-page story written by cast member Danny Bilson and longtime writing partner Paul De Meo and drawn by cast member Adam Hughes.

Paul De Meo sadly passed away in 2018, so this will be the final Rocketeer story written by the screenwriters of The Rocketeer movie.

It’s surprising that Adam Hughes has never drawn the Rocketeer for publication before despite being widely considered Dave Stevens’ successor in the field of comic illustration and having Dave as his mentor.  So it’s fitting and poetic that Adam should be the one to draw Danny and Paul’s last Rocketeer story.

12-page story written by director Kelvin Mao, drawn by Craig Cermak, and colored by award-winning colorist and cast member Laura Martin.

Laura Martin was Dave Stevens hand-picked choice to digitally recolor his artwork for The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures and The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures Deluxe Edition.

4-page story written by executive producer Robert Windom, drawn by Jae Lee and colored by June Chung.

During film production, Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao happened to be writing the Seven Sons comic series with artist Jae Lee, and he was the perfect choice to draw Robert’s story and our Limited Variant Cover.

Pin-ups by Phil Noto and cast member Maria Laura Sanapo.
Lettering provided by Karen L. Bates longtime letterer and writer for Bongo Comics, who created the Dave Stevens handwriting font for the documentary.
Design by Serban Cristescu who designed our movie poster and worked on countless visual elements of both the film and this campaign.
The book will also feature behind the scenes photos from the film production.
Main Cover by cast member Adam Hughes and Variant Cover by Jae Lee.

Both editions are Exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign.

(Comic images are subject to final approval)

Movie One Sheet Poster

Our poster was designed by Serban Cristescu, Creative Director of the hit Matt Groening animated series Disenchantment, and features a young Dave Stevens at his drawing table alongside two of his greatest loves, 50’s pin-up queen Bettie Page, and his iconic creation The Rocketeer.

Today most theaters use digital screens to display movie poster images, but for decades one sheet posters hung in light box frames at all movie theaters. The posters needed to be printed on both sides in order to appear vibrant and sharp when backlit and were only produced in large quantities due to setup costs.

Through an amazing stroke of luck, we were able print a small run of these traditional, offset-printed, double-sided, 27 x 40 inch posters.

Crew Gift Hat

Crew gifts are given to the cast and crew as a token of appreciation by the producers at the end of a film or TV production. Our crew gift was a custom black baseball cap emblazoned with the Art for Arf’sake logo that Dave Stevens used for his Bulldog Studios imprint.

We had a small number of caps remaining after production that we are pleased to offer as part of the Crew reward level. This low profile black cap is embroidered on both front and back and has an adjustable clasp.


The first and only public “test screening” of the film was at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 this past July. To mark the event, we partnered with Little Shop of Pins to produce an exclusive lanyard + badge as a gift for screening attendees. The badge features the movie poster image on one side and on the other a replica of one of Dave Stevens’ hand drawn Comic-Con badges from his many years working with the convention. The lanyard was a Rocketeer 40th Anniversary design produced exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

As a bonus for the One-Sheet Movie Poster and Crew Gift bundles, we’re including one of the lanyards from the event.


After pledging a reward level, you’ll have the opportunity to add these individual reward items to your order:

Drawn to Perfection Blu-Ray
ADAM HUGHES Cover Rocketeer Comic Book (limit 5)
Drawn to Perfection T-shirt
Dave Stevens Stickers


Our Kickstarter campaign is timed to finish with the digital release of the film, so that we can guarantee a simultaneous physical release.  The Blu-Ray and all rewards except the limited items are backer exclusive and will be made after the campaign based on pledge orders and then never be offered by us again.



The good news is that our film is completely finished.  Despite kicking things off in October 2020, COVID prevented us from filming our first interview until April 2021.  But once we started rolling, we shot most weekends until we got all of our cast in the Southern California area.  We then made trips to Atlanta, New York, Portland, and Reno.  And even conducted two remote interviews using local crews in Scotland and Italy.  Principle photography was completed in May 2021 and post-production was finished in August 2022.



Kelvin Mao (Director/Producer): Screenwriter of the crime thriller 10 Minutes Gone starring Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis. Kelvin was a friend of Dave Stevens and worked on Dave Stevens: Brush With Passion along with Rocketeer projects for IDW Publishing. He is also the co-writer of Seven Sons drawn by Jae Lee.

Rob Chatlin (Producer/Editor): Rob is Associate Producer and Editor of The Water of Life, a feature length Scotch whisky documentary currently available on streaming services.

Robert Windom (Executive Producer): Screenwriter of Stars Fell on Alabama and its upcoming sequel Stars Fell Again released by Samuel Goldwyn Films. He is a lifelong Dave Stevens fan and creator/co-writer of Seven Sons drawn by Jae Lee.

Jennifer Stevens Bawcum (Associate Producer): Jennifer is Dave Stevens’ sister and executor of his estate, The Rocketeer Trust. A tireless promoter of Dave’s art and shepherd of his legacy, she recently partnered with the San Diego Comic-Con Museum on an exhibition of Dave’s artwork and artifacts. This project was made possible only through her friendship and support.

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Celebrate The Legacy Of A Comics Original Dave Stevens was a huge comics talent taken far too soon and Dave Stevens: Drawn To Perfection is a new documentary about the man himself which is funding on kickstarter now… Story Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection is an authorized feature-length documentary that paints a portrait of a
The post Support The Documentary Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection appeared first on TRIPWIRE MAGAZINE.Read MoreTRIPWIRE MAGAZINE

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