‘Stargirl’ Ends On A Strong Note In Series Finale

Now that season three of Stargirl is over, it is clear that it was the weakest of the show’s three seasons. That doesn’t mean it ended on a bad note, though. Everything the season had been building to came to a head in spectacular fashion. The drama was extremely high, the action was worthwhile, and the final note — as well as the show as a whole — was fairly strong. While the season itself might have been wobbly, the finale was a worthwhile capstone to a strongly consistent, and underrated, superhero show.

Now that Starman’s (Joel McHale) allegiance was called into question by the JSA, they were able to confront Icicle (Neil Jackson) and his family. Pat (Luke Wilson) was left for dead, but arrived just in time to reveal the truth about Starman and Icicle’s plans. A large brawl broke out during which Cameron (Hunter Sansone) rebelled against his father. Courtney (Brec Bassinger) took the staff back, and all of the bad guys were defeated. Wounds were mended and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. In the show’s closing moments, Artemis (Stella Smith) got revenge on Icicle for her parents’ deaths and, in an epilogue scene, the Shade (Jonathan Cake) revealed that all the young JSA members grew up to become true heroes.

It’s unclear whether or not they filmed the show’s epilogue after news of the cancellation broke out, but it seemed as if they did. There were hints of a season four sprinkled across the season and the finale. But the epilogue seemed like a strong bookend to send the show off. From beginning to end, Stargirl stands out as one of the best The CW had to offer. It’s a shame it had to go, but the finale worked a lot better than other shows The CW canceled prematurely.

Episodes of Stargirl are streaming on The CW website.

Now that season three of Stargirl is over, it is clear that it was the weakest of the show’s threeCOMICONRead More

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