Advance Review: Pleasant Surprises Abound In `Star Trek– Discovery – Adventures In The 32nd Century’ TPB

Some of the best comic book series can be found where you least expect them. With its season-long stories and time-skipping adventures, Star Trek: Discovery should be a difficult series to adapt for comics. Yet writer Mike Johnson and artist Angel Hernandez managed to capture lightning in a bottle with their recent four-part series, which IDW has collected in a new trade paperback.

Instead of focusing on the series main characters like Captain Michael Burnham, Saru or engineer Paul Stamets, the comic series wisely tells stories of minor characters, including Grudge the cat. While the stakes may not be as high as the streaming show, not every story has to have the fate of the known universe riding on its outcome.

The first story is told entirely from the perspective of Grudge. Let’s just say, if you’re a fan of the internet’s Grumpy Car, you’ll love the feline owned by Cleveland Booker. (Or as Grudge refers to him, “my loyal human.”)

The next vignette deals with Adira, the franchise’s first non-binary crew human member. We learn about their journey in a generation ship that left Earth after the Burn, which essentially rendered all warp travel unfeasible. We also get the much-needed backstory about Gray, Adria’s Trill lover and how he inherited his symbiote Tal.

Story #3 involves young Keyla Detmer, who we meet as a child, boldly exploring an ice planet and making friends with the local fauna. Hernandez shines brighter than usual here as he adapts his visual style to account for Detmer’s perspective as she ages.

The final story showcases Lt. Linus, a Saurian whose species was literally descended from dinosaurs. Ture to what make Trek tick, the story centers around how Linus’ differences make him a vital member of the crew.

As I mentioned in one of my reviews of the individual issues, given the questionable quality of the Paramount+ show, it’s worth asking whether Johnson and Hernandez shouldn’t be allowed to take the conn for an episode or two to see what that can make of Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

Some of the best comic book series can be found where you least expect them. With its season-long stories andCOMICONRead More

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