IDW Celebrates 30 Years Of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ With New Series

In 2023, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine turns 30. And to celebrate three decades since its launch IDW will be publishing new five-issue series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—The Dog of War.

Written by novelist Mike Chen (Star Wars: Brotherhood, Here and Now and Then), and Star Trek  artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard—Stargazer, Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century), the series will debut in April.

“In the new miniseries, an extremely rare purebred corgi from Earth makes its way aboard Deep Space 9 when Quark cuts a deal to procure it for a potential buyer. After all, a Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all! But the corgi named Latinum comes with unexpected cargo that shakes Captain Benjamin Sisko to the core: a Borg component discovered by a crew sent to uncover Cardassian technology after the station’s reoccupation.”

Here’s how Chen is feeling about this great gig:

“I’m absolutely ecstatic to hang out with DS9’s crew, and I hope that this story touches on all of the characters and intensity that made the show so powerful and great: Sisko’s history with the Borg, the Dominion War, Garak’s great outfits, Jadzia being Jadzia, Miles and Julian’s holosuite adventures, and so much more. Also, Quark gets a dog. If that doesn’t earn your latinum, I don’t know what will!”

Hernandez added:

“Entering the world of Deep Space Nine means discovering new nuances, new creatures, and new situations that are a wonderful visual and artistic challenge. I sincerely hope the fans get swept up in this Trek project, one overflowing with incredible ideas and very much keeping in the spirit of the TV show.”

Editor Heather Antos gets the last word on this new ‘lost episode’ series:

“Deep Space 9 is the defining Star Trek show for an entire generation of fans, so to be able to tell an additional ‘episode’ in comic form for the series’ 30th anniversary is extra special. Mike Chen’s passion for the crew of this celebrated space station is unprecedented, and no one knows the visual world of Star Trek quite like Angel Hernandez. Plus…who wouldn’t want dogs in Star Trek?”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—The Dog of War #1 will be available in April with several variant covers  including Cover A by series artist Angel Hernandez; a wraparound Cover B by Chris Fenogolio, featuring the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks; and Cover C by longtime My Little Pony artist Andy Price, as well as special retailer incentive covers including a black-and-white variant of Hernandez’ cover and two Deep Space 9 schematics variants with and without trade dress.

In 2023, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine turns 30. And to celebrate three decades since its launch IDW will beCOMICONRead More

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