TV Review: ‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ Season 1, Episode 4

One of the obvious differences between a movie and a television spin-off is that the TV story has to have so many more layers to it to encompass a lot more screen time. This means more characters, more twists, and in the terms of National Treasure: Edge of History, this means more puzzles and riddles. A lot of times these spin-offs hinge on how well these layers add to the spirit of the franchise rather than bogging it down. These layers begin to show in this week’s Edge of History, and so far, it seems to be leading in the right direction as the drama and suspense begins to ramp up.

This week’s episode focused on Agent Sadusky’s (Harvey Keitel) wake. Not wanting to be alone, Liam (Jake Austin Walker) invited Jess (Lisette Olivera) and all of her friends to attend. Also in attendance is Riley Poole (Justin Bartha), one of the main characters from the duo of National Treasure films. Jess brings him into the fold, but they get locked Sadusky’s treasure room and have to solve a series of riddles to get out. Meanwhile, more of Billie’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones) operation is uncovered, and it might be more difficult for Jess to escape her grasp than was first believed.

While geared towards a young audience, Edge of History has a lot more layers than the movie. Because there are so many more characters, the relationships and interactions they have with one another automatically make the story more complex. And the introduction of characters from the film — both big and small — add credence to the expanding universe. It was a bit kooky how Riley and Jess get locked into the vault they had to escape from, and the riddle they had to solve felt a bit forced. But the episode is still enjoyable, especially with the hint at the end that Jess has a traitor in her midst.

National Treasure: Edge of History streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

One of the obvious differences between a movie and a television spin-off is that the TV story has to haveCOMICONRead More

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