An Interview With Writer Anthony Stokes About ‘Intrusive Thoughts’

Writer Anthony Stokes is one of the creative talents of the successful Kickstarter comic series Decay (2021-Present). He is currently writing a second series with the title Intrusive Thoughts (2023-Present). It is currently in pre-launch on Kickstarter. Intrusive Thoughts is the primary topic and reason for this interview with Stokes. A secondary topic is mental health.

Intrustive Thoughts #1 (2023) cover art and colors by D.N.S. and cover lettering by Mira Mortal

Benjamin Hall: How would you describe Intrusive Thoughts to someone who does not regular read comics.

Anthony Stokes: It’s a supernatural horror mystery that is a great way to break into reading comics. There’s minimalistic dialogue and a lot of visual storytelling which makes it a good read for comic fans and non-comic fans alike.

Hall: Is this title going to remain a one-shot, or might there be more in the future? Cause the ending makes it seem like there could be more.

Stokes: It’s going to be a six-issue series. And then I’m working on a sequel series as well

Hall: Is this a dream project? If not what would be?

Stokes: This is not a dream project per say, but I’m incredibly invested in it because it deals with mental issues like depression and anxiety. It is my favorite project so far.

Hall: Do you feel like you understand anything new about comic creation due to this comic that before you may not have?

Stokes: Yes, this is a second series that I’ve worked on. Working with a second artist has really helped me fine tune my eye for art. It also taught me how to work on multiple series concurrently which is a really important skill for trying to become a full time comic book creator.

Hall: You work with others on this comic specifically illustrator/colorist D.N.S. and letterers Mira Mortal and Es Kay. Anything to say about their respective work?

Stokes: DNS is a wizard. His style is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s this great almost paint like quality. Mira Mortal’s lettering pairs perfectly with his style and they’re a dynamic duo that I’m very excited to continue working with in the future. Es Kay is the most generous person I’ve ever met in comics and I would not have half the success I have now without him.

Hall: You also give special thanks to Comic Book Grandpa and Alex Breen. Why, if I may ask, do you give them each thanks? Like do they provide support or inspiration of some kind?

Stokes: Alex Breen is a great guy who gave me some notes on the script. And then Comic Book Grandpa is Richard Fairgray who is my mentor and helps me get better at comics everyday. Without Es Kay and Richard I would not have been able to make Intrusive Thoughts I owe them a huge debt.

Hall: There seems to be some slight criticism of therapy along with a heavy use of the topic of mental illness in this comic. Is this something you feel more comics should explore, particularly in such depth?

Stokes: It’s not a criticism of therapy it’s more so a critique of empty platitudes and the idea of perception being important. Later in the series I comment on the idea of the power of the mind. People need real help sometimes not empty blanket statements. And yeah mental health is such an important thing anything to start a dialogue is great.

Hall: Where can people purchase this comic?

Stokes: On Kickstarter.

Thanks to Anthony Stokes for this interview!

Writer Anthony Stokes is one of the creative talents of the successful Kickstarter comic series Decay (2021-Present). He is currently writingCOMICONRead More

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