Review: ‘Superliminal Latency’ Is An Assortment Of Literary Rides

There are a variety of different genres in this book. Those looking for more realistic settings will obviously prefer the more grounded in modern day type stories. Personally this reviewer thinks that those stories are potentially more disturbing and/or depressing due to how they are closer to our reality. Luckily, for those looking to literature for more of an escape from the world there are plenty of other stories within this collection. Though it is worth mentioning that most if not all the stories have a bit of the horror genre to them. Also worth mentioning is that the allocution acts as an introduction to the author while providing warnings about the content. The contents’ horror ranges from the level of author Stephen King’s kind of disturbing to the level of possibly triggering anyone’s mental health (It [1986]).

Cover of Superliminal Latency (2023)

Unfortunately, there are a variety of problems that this collection contains. For instance, there are certain, and at times obvious, grammatical errors throughout the book. Also there are quite a few controversial references to real world history. Not to mention that some of the stories end rather abruptly. Writer Phoebe A. Xavier even uses some sexist and/or ableist bits of characterization, such as when Xavier generalizes all pre-teen males as sharing one trait. Though to be fair some of the sexist and/or ableist elements help create necessary distaste for certain characters in order to stomach their horrible actions. ‘Her New Work’ is one example of Xavier possibly triggering anyone’s mental health while also creating distaste for the total scumbag main character.

When one comes right down to it Phoebe A. Xavier seems to know how to play in various genres. Xavier also seems to know how to capture the imagination via the level of detail in each story. Without Xavier mentioning not being a horror fan in the allocution one would think that she is a scholar of the genre. In other words, she hows a massive level of talent with how she writes horrific events happening to characters. Yet, she still has a way to go as a writing when it comes to choosing which works to combine in a collection. Meaning that the stories don’t always feel like they are aiming at the same demographics.

Superliminal Latency is out now on Kindle and will according to Xavier be out on in the near future.

There are a variety of different genres in this book. Those looking for more realistic settings will obviously prefer theCOMICONRead More

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