Kickstarting Comics: ‘Predators’ – A Simple Crowdfunder Sees A Difficult Kind Of Predator

Predators is the simplest Kickstarter you’ll find – 12 pages of pdf comics, written by James Blundell with art from Robert Ahmad, for just $1/£1 about the darker side of relationships – and it looks rather good.

Robert Ahmad’s artwork for Predators


The campaign went live a bit ago – you can find the Kickstarter for Predators here.

The basic summary of Predators is this:

When a man is rejected by a woman at a club, it brings out his dark side. However, has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Writer James Blundell used to write over at Pipedream Comics. But he’s also always had that dream of getting a story into print. He’s teamed up with Robert Ahmad (Devil in Disguise, Death of a Necromancer, The Show, Cut Man) on art to put this short 12-pager in front of an audience.

I first noticed it on Twitter when Blundell put up a page of Ahmad’s artwork in advance of the Kickstarter. Immediately it struck me as lovely, clean lines, great movement. There was an element in there of J. Bone’s work – and that’s a huge compliment from me.

So I’m putting this up on the basis of the two pages I’ve seen thus far and trusting that Ahmad’s art for the rest of the story keeps up that look and that quality – from what I’ve seen on his sites, he’s going to deliver.

I also had a quick chat to James to get more info about Predators. He described it as “a story ripped from the news headlines. It tells the tale of a guy who meets a girl in a club and tries his luck. However, when the answer he gets isn’t the one he wants, things turn nasty. This turns into a horror story about a different kind of predator. Unfortunately for him, sometimes you’re the predator and sometimes you’re the prey as a resolution comes that this guy was NOT expecting.”

He was also good enough to share with me where he’s taking the story and I think it’s going to be a damn good little story with some really good-looking artwork.

More of Robert Ahmad’s artwork for ‘Predators’


Interestingly, James is going at this from a get it out to as many people as possible by keeping the costs low – that’s why there’s just one pledge level £1/$1 to it, meaning that he’s going to need to get 800 backers to make his goal. It’s a big ask I know, but having seen that gorgeous artwork and talked to James about it, I really do hope it’s one that they make.

The Kickstarter for Predators ends on Wednesday 1st March 2023 – head here to pledge.

And now, just for fun, a little more of Ahmad’s artwork, illustration and comic samples, grabbed from his website… all of it looking very, very good…



Predators is the simplest Kickstarter you’ll find – 12 pages of pdf comics, written by James Blundell with art fromCOMICONRead More

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