Shocks And Spells: ‘The Magic Order’ Vol.4 #2 Advance Review

The great Magic Order purge continues afoot in The Magic Order Vol.4 #2 led by the treacherous Albany. It seems the expulsion of Regan from the order has got people nervous and this is the result; a group of magicians ready to follow the black sheep of the Moonstone clan. Writer Mark Millar ensures that this issue has its fair share of surprises and shocking moments as the bodies pile up with artist Dike Ruan making it all look terrifyingly wonderful. 

Across the course of the issue we get to jump from one scene into another and catch up with Cordelia, Regan, Edgar and more, as the story unfolds and at one point the reader is transported to a far away land that’s simply breathtaking, as presented in a large revealing shot by Ruan and colourist Giovanni Niro. A tropical, fantastical, magical landscape that’s brimming with narrative potential with warm colours giving it the aura of something otherworldly.

This is just one outstanding scene in a book full of drama, tension and fatalities. Only two issues into this fourth volume and we’ve already witnesses so much. As well as the big scenes, Millar’s dialogue is as sharp as ever giving each major charcater their own voice. He also knows how to work a crowd, dropping one or two nuggets of knowledge in the dialogue to get the readers’ thinking about the destiny of one particular character. Edgar, a man who’s imprisonment within the painting that holds Moonstone Castle, but may very well be more than it first appears. A foreshadowing of a bigger role for Edgar in this series, perhaps? After all, this has been hinted at for some time now. 

The Magic Order Vol.4 #2 is an engaging, slick read, offering up enough shocks that the issue skates along at a brisk pace, thereby rising the tension too. Great character interaction and sinister deeds that all adds up to another great issue.

The Magic Order Vol.4 #2 is out Wednesday 22nd February from Image Comics

The great Magic Order purge continues afoot in The Magic Order Vol.4 #2 led by the treacherous Albany. It seemsCOMICONRead More

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