‘Witch Vs Warlock’ Debuts In ‘Monster Fun’: An Interview With Writer, Ramzee

New year, new issue of Monster Fun. Not only is Monster Fun back this month, though, but it’s debuting some new strips, including writer, Ramzee, artist, Rebecca Morse, and letterer, Ozwaldo Sanchez‘s, new series, “Witch Vs. Warlock.” To learn more about Wychwood Academy and how Oberon (the Warlock) got his name, check out this interview with Ramzee carried out over email below:

Rachel Bellwoar: “Witch Vs Warlock” is making its debut in the gaming issue of Monster Fun. Has having a theme been helpful, for coming up with story ideas, or is it more a case of adapting your ideas to fit the theme?

Ramzee: IT WAS SO HARD! I’m used to telling genre stories that are told over 5+ pages so to write a satisfying story based on a theme with only 2 pages of narrative real estate to work with was a crossword puzzle of epic proportions. I just about pulled it off.

Oberon (art by Rebecca Morse)

Bellwoar: Would readers be right in assuming Jinx and Oberon are the witch and warlock of the title, or could “Witch Vs. Warlock” mean something else?

Ramzee: Jinx and Oberon are indeed the eponymous Witch vs Warlock duking it out in an endless battle of wits and spells to be Valedictorian of Wychwood Academy.

Bellwoar: In a similar vein, is there anything to Oberon sharing a name with the famous Shakespeare character?

Ramzee: I needed a Warlock-y name and ‘Alan Moore‘ was taken so I went for Oberon who according to Wikipedia was the king of the fairies in Medieval and Renaissance literature so he was around way before Billy Shakes got his bardy mitts on him.

Jinx and Greymalkin (art by Rebecca Morse)

Bellwoar: Whereas Jinx’s outfit has some more traditional witch touches (like a pointy hat and a broom), Lord Oberon’s attire doesn’t necessarily give away that he’s a warlock. How did you come up with Oberon’s personal style and is it reflective of how other warlocks dress in this world?

Ramzee: I made zero contribution to the look of any of the characters except wanting Oberon to be black (like I am) but Rebecca did a spellbinding job bringing these characters to life. She should be an occult fashion designer, for sure.

Bellwoar: Going by some of the background characters, it’s not just witches and warlocks that attend Wychwood Academy. Can you tease anyone else who might be appearing?

Ramzee: Oh, anything paranormal that you can imagine that aspires to learn magic or get a better grip of their innate supernatural abilities would enroll into Wychwood Academy. It does not discriminate like other more famous wizarding schools.

Oberon and Paimon (art by Rebecca Morse)

Bellwoar: What makes this first story so enjoyable is it’s kind of a scenario straight out of Oliver Twist, except instead of pickpocketing, Oberon turns to magic for aid. Will this out-of-the-box thinking serve Oberon well, or is he doomed to overcomplicate matters?

Ramzee: Magic and adolescence is an explosive mix. I think of it as a metaphor for power. Growing up is becoming an adult and coming into our agency as adults and learning how to deal with it we make a lot of mistakes as tweens and teens. I expect Oberon will make some gaffs and hopefully learn to become a better warlock.

Bellwoar: This first story comes from Oberon’s perspective, but will future stories take on Jinx’s point of view?

Ramzee: I hope so. Alternating POVs keeps things spicy. We’ll learn that Jinx and Oberon are more alike than they’d dare to admit.

Jinx and Greymalkin (art by Rebecca Morse)

Bellwoar: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Ramzee, and here’s to all the spicy stories to come!

The Monster Fun ‘Ghoulish’ Gaming Special is on sale now from Rebellion. Back issues of Monster Fun can be ordered here.

New year, new issue of Monster Fun. Not only is Monster Fun back this month, though, but it’s debuting some newCOMICONRead More

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