Kickstarting Comics: Jennie Gyllblad’s ‘Blod’ – “I’ve Been In A Lot Of Waiting Rooms Lately”

New short work up on Kickstarter from the immensely talented Jennie Gyllblad – medical and gore horror comic Blod


Anything that Swedish-born and UK-living artist Jennie Gyllblad makes is worth a look, that’s something that I’ve learned over many years that I’ve been following her work. Over the years here at Comicon, I’ve already shown you By Man & Angels, Promenad, Skal, and Artemisia – all of them excellent, all of them uniquely Gyllblad. You should also look out for her excellent Jenitales (her decidedly adult erotic series) and her first stand-alone horror tale Signatur.

Blod is her latest, funding on Kickstarter right now – and fully funded in super quick time. It’s a short 20-page horror comic inspired by the complications and anxiety Gyllblad experienced when she went to change her coil IUD.

As she says, “I’m leaning into a bit more medical and gore horror with this short 20 page story.”

Now, anyone who’s read any of Jennie’s work knows that she’ll be leaning in a lot when it comes to the horror here…


She goes on to describe it as…

What happens when a woman goes to change her IUD?’ and explains that ‘BLOD is a short 20-page horror comic inspired by the complications and anxiety I experienced when I went to change my coil IUD in late 2022. What was supposed to be a routine switch of my contraceptive coil turned into something much more complicated and left me unable to function without pain relief (and sometimes even with) for several months. A brief cancer scare and many hospital appointments later, my health problems are still ongoing while I wait for surgery. Having never been long-term ill like this before, I wanted to siphon the anxiety into something productive, and so Blod was born!”

The one-off tale follows a woman going in to swap her IUD only to have the doctor be unable to replace it without inflicting considerable pain. The only option is to refer the woman to a specialist clinic.

But even at the specialist, things don’t go as planned and we’re going to learn that, as Jennie puts it so perfectly, “there are other things that can go sideways when you place a foreign object inside a uterus.”


Obviously, it’s body horror and medical horror, so be warned etc etc, although Jennie does include a disclaimer that she felt was important…

“This comic is intended for an adult audience. Although it is inspired by true events, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like IUD’s, or that they are horrible. In fact, I’ve been using the coil for going on 6 years now and it’s been life changing! This latest swap had complications (some that are still ongoing) that inspired me to make this comic book. If you are thinking of getting an IUD, I highly recommend it – Please have a chat with a medical professional about it!”


As far as the Kickstarter is concerned, plenty of different tiers involved, including the chance to pick up copies of both Signatur and Promenad.

As far as stretch goals go, £4,000 will see the artwork below turned into a great foil/gloss print. Or, as Jennie puts it:

Have you wondered what the art [below] would look like with a selected bit of the blood in red foil or a spot gloss? If we hit this stretch goal I’ll add a new reward with the shiny print included, and also an add-on with it!”

If it gets to £7,000, then Gyllblad intends to reprint all of her older comic stock and add them as physical add-ons. And finally, if it gets to the lofty heights of £15,000 – she says that ‘this is just here because I want to dream’, but why the heck not? – she’d love to do a collected hardback of all three horror comics.


The Kickstarter for Blod by Jennie Gyllblad runs until March 17th 2023. 

Go back it now – Gyllblad’s work is always worth a look, excellent, intriguing, scary, different, and just damn good.

Now, a special sneak peek inside Jennie Gyllblad’s Blod


And finally, a little bit of process from Jennie…


New short work up on Kickstarter from the immensely talented Jennie Gyllblad – medical and gore horror comic Blod…  COMICONRead More

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