‘The King Of Fighters Allstar’ Introduces XV Leona And XV Luong As Newest Characters

Last month saw XV Lori and XV Shun’ei join The King of Fighters Allstar. In the latest update, players can look forward to two additional characters along with new battle cards and various in-game events.

The first fighter introduced to the popular action role-playing game is XV Leona. She is a Blue Element /Attack type fighter who has a leader skill that raises Blue Element fighters’ attack as well as Critical Damage percentage. In addition, her special skill grants Leona the Burning Spirit effect for a set amount of time after use. Burning Spirit can be helpful because for each effect, it increases a fighter’s attack speed, Critical hit chance, critical damage, and finish skill damage by a certain level. You’ll want to make sure to get your team pumped up with the spirit to win the battle.

The other new fighter is XV Luong. He is a Green Element/ Attack type whose leader skill increases Extreme fighters’ Attack by a certain rate, and male fighters critical damage by a percentage, passively. Furthermore, his special skill lowers an enemy’s attack and defense by a percentage while increasing damage done to enemies. This makes him the perfect foil to team compositions focusing on buffing parties.

Along with the characters, new battle cards (Special/Option/Set) have been released for XV Leona and XV Luong. Leona’s card increases critical damage percentage for a period when she finishes her special skill, while Luong’s increases critical damage for both himself and allies for a period.

Other various in-game events include:

Rush Dungeon: Clandestine★Operation: This event focuses on Luong’s story where players can complete stages in different levels and acquire event coins to exchange for various items.
Challenge Dungeon: Mission, Complete!: The Challenge Dungeon will be available only after players obtain XV Leona or XV Luong. Upon completion, players are rewarded with BS/SS Fighter Memory Random Boxes, Star/Moon Imprint Stones, and more.
Time Attack Challenge: Players will only have a limited time to defeat monsters and the final boss in this furious race to the finish. Once the challenge is completed, rewards include Ruby and growth items – perfect for kitting out your team!

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Last month saw XV Lori and XV Shun’ei join The King of Fighters Allstar. In the latest update, players canCOMICONRead More

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