Sword And Sorcery And Sometimes Sandwiches: ‘Ocarus- The Crescent City’ On Kickstarter

Let’s get a quick disclaimer out of the way. One of the creators of the following Kickstarter campaign, Anton Kromoff (COO/Games Director for Outland Entertainment), contributes to Comicon.com as our Senior TTRPG/Gaming Journalist. He also contributes to our YouTube channel as one third of our Happy Hour: Comics and Cocktails team. Fair? Fair.

Outland Entertainment is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Ocarus: The Crescent City – Zinequest 2023

A heist-filled, oddity-laden, strange adventure setting of sword and sorcery and sometimes sandwiches… if you’re lucky…

Separated from our known reality by the starways of old, through dimensional doorways which swing open with more ease than most realize, the ancient world of Abalesh lies in wait.

Abalesh, where, along the coast of the lands of Halum, nestled like a polished jewel in a rusting crown, lies the Crescent City of Ocarus.

Ocarus, whose densely-packed slums and massive manor houses rest upon cobbled streets, which separate the land beneath the sky from the cavernous network of tunnels and crypts that both honored dead and sites of profane rituals alike.

It is here, in this place of wonder and horror, of legacy and lore, that strange journeys begin…

This 30+ page, 5.5″x8.5″ zine is presented in dazzling black and white, and contains new items, monsters, factions, lore, and heists for you and your table to enjoy. It’s designed to be consumed as part of a one-shot adventure or used as a staging ground for a whole campaign.

The contents fit within a low fantasy setting with the rule-set for the world’s most popular role-playing game in mind, but it is not limited to a singular system. Storytellers and players are invited to pick their favorite system or create their own. We invite you to tweak and twist the math and metrics in ways that best fit your table; we just hope you enjoy the ideas presented and have a good time.

Ocarus: The Crescent City – Zinequest 2023 has already met its funding goal, so this thing is happening, with just over a week remaining in the campaign. Backer rewards are pretty straightforward. Five bucks will get you a PDF of the book. Fifteen (plus $3 shipping/handling) gets you the PDF and a physical copy. Check out the campaign here.

Let’s get a quick disclaimer out of the way. One of the creators of the following Kickstarter campaign, Anton KromoffCOMICONRead More

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