Where The Magical Meets The Mundane: ‘Everyday Magus’ Live Now On Kickstarter

Written by Ominous Powers Ink co-founders Sean Murphy and Kelly La Croix, with art by comics newcomer Paik Abanilla, colors by Dan Jackson, with letters and design by Keith Wood; Everyday Magus is aimed at fans of I Hate Fairyland, Happy!, and 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank.

On the day Chalk dies, he is captured by the supernatural corporation Ominous Powers Incorporated (OPI) and sent to “Newly Departed Processing”. There, the enslaved alien Octoped, Cyanea, is forced to tattoo him with the magical sigil of slavery, binding Chalk into OPI’s service. Chalk and Cyanea bond over their shared trauma of child loss, and she inscribes a magic instruction on Chalk’s soul, which are also his daughter’s final words: “Save Me”.

Chalk forms a plan: Get Fired.

OPI will only tolerate 5 reassignments before they subject employees to a mysterious curse called “The Big Empty”. Cyanea can tattoo a sigil to protect against this curse if Chalk can collect the various ingredients to produce the necessary magical ink. To nab the ingredients, Chalk and his annoying bro-dude satyr workmate, Mr. Unpronounceable, get assigned to a series of the worst jobs imaginable. In each bizarre situation, Chalk works toward freeing Cyanea – and eventually himself – while Mr. Unpronounceable consistently makes every bad situation worse. They eventually find themselves positioned at Cyanea’s prison, where a darker side of Mr. Unpronounceable is revealed.

Can Chalk save Cyanea and redeem himself for his failure to save his daughter? Will he be able to evade OPI’s retribution during his upcoming performance review? Will Mr. Unpronounceable answer for his actions? And can Chalk find some peace and escape the daily grind? To find out, we need your help to make this comic a reality!

“Boring sh*t matters. Your small town you think no one would ever relate to? SUPER WEIRD and SUPER INTERESTING,” said Murphy. “Like every small town kid has a cast of crazy weirdo characters that could totally find themselves in some madcap universe. You just gotta create it. That’s Everyday Magus.”

“Though Sean and I have differing interests, likes, and styles, I’ve always felt our individual strengths fill in for each other’s weaknesses,” added LaCroix. “Together, I hope Everyday Magus introduces readers to the groundwork for the larger story universe we’ve created—we have several more projects we’re working on that feature the same characters and settings. I also hope readers enjoy a fun and bizarre ride!”

Backer rewards kick in at the five dollar level for digital copy of the book. Physical copies start at ten dollars. Variant covers, stickers, pins, ‘Employee of the Month’ plaques, and other assorted goodies kick in at higher tiers. Check out the campaign here.

Written by Ominous Powers Ink co-founders Sean Murphy and Kelly La Croix, with art by comics newcomer Paik Abanilla, colorsCOMICONRead More

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