TV Review: ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 2, Episode 12

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is really setting itself up as a show about more than just a squadron of clone troopers. Sure, there are certainly a number of episodes focusing on the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) adventuring in the Star Wars universe. At the same time, as touched upon in season one and expanded upon in season two, the clones’ place in this emerging Galactic Empire is doomed. The show really highlights the ramifications of treating humans as nothing more than machines of war by focusing on auxiliary characters as much as the main group.

This episode focused on Crosshair (also Baker), as he is assigned to escort a lieutenant on an isolated outpost. Right from the start, it seems as if this outpost has been forgotten because the clones there are losing numbers and are in desperate need of reinforcements and equipment. When some of the gear is stolen, the cruel lieutenant forces Crosshair and the outpost’s sole remaining commander to retrieve it in a suicide mission. Crosshair survives, but he learns the equipment is for the new Stormtroopers that are set to replace clones. Angered by this development, he kills lieutenant before passing out and waking up in a mysterious facility.

It might be the turning point for Crosshair. Up until now, he’s pretty much been a devoted agent of the Empire, but his resolve is slowly being chipped away. It’s hard to imagine him returning as a loyal soldier after this. Although, that may be what the mysterious final scene was all about. As with the episode before this, it’s unclear where all of this is headed. But the season isn’t slowing down at all. Quite the opposite. The plot is ramping up more than ever, indicating that The Bad Batch is still in for a long ride.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is really setting itself up as a show about more than just a squadron ofCOMICONRead More

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