Interviewing Jeff Haas On ‘Terminus: The End Of All Things’

Jeff Haas is a writer and public relations manager. He has put us at Comicon in touch with various creators including writers Anthony Stokes and Wells Thompson. Haas is currently in the process of creating the independent comic Terminus: The End Of All Things. It is a science fiction tale about the end of the universe. Terminus: The End Of All Things will also feature the work of by artist B. A. Shipp and letterer Todd Tochoika.

Terminus: The End Of All Things #1 Cover by B. A. Shipp

Benjamin Hall: Is Terminus: The End Of All Things a passion project, or just something that has elements that interest you

Jeff Haas: This is definitely a passion project. This concept has been rummaging around in my head for a long time. I can’t wait for readers to find out why.

Hall: Is this going to be an ongoing series?

Haas: This is a long form mini-series with a definite end point.

Hall: What makes this different from other end of the universe/sci-fi narratives?

Haas: This series is as much an action-adventure tale as it is a thoughtful allegory about people and culture and the meaning of existence.

Hall: Do you feel that this comic speaks to real world concerns in a way that might motivate some to actual action? In other words, do you think the story might spark someone to look into helping against things like climate change?

Haas: The issues facing the end of the universe cannot be stopped or started by humanity. If the ideas expressed in this series helps people to think more deeply about some of the big ideas presented in this comic, then that would be great.

Hall: Do any of the species in this comic come from Earth other than the humans?

Haas: Sort of. Evolution is an interesting thing.

Hall: Is there a publisher for this series?

Haas: I am the publisher for this project.

Hall: Who is your favorite character in the first issue? Also is this due to ease of writing or relatability?

Haas: I think Thracsist will prove to be the breakout character of this book. He is a fun and badass character that will grab everyone’s attention. He is like the Worf or Wolverine of this series. Just wait.

Hall: Finally where will people be able to buy this comic in the future?

Haas: The comic will be made available through multiple avenues. Time will tell exactly which ones.

Hall: Thank you Jeff Haas for doing this interview!

Jeff Haas is a writer and public relations manager. He has put us at Comicon in touch with various creators includingCOMICONRead More

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