Advance Review: Vibrant Colors Paint The Picture In `Blood Stained Teeth’ Vol. 2

It isn’t often that the star of a series is the colorist, but in the case of Blood Stained Teeth, it’s true.

That’s not a knock on the writer or artist or even the letterer. It’s just that Heather Moore’s vibrant colors in this vampire story are so stunning, they command – demands even – your attention.

And it’s not just crimson blood. Moore splashes reds and purples and blacks across people’s faces through this collection, which includes the final five issues of the limited series. And forget about any neutral tones in offices. Everything is in your face. And it is glorious.

Again, that isn’t meant to take away from the other aspects of the story. Christian Ward’s script is a good one – and a marked improvement over Volume 1, which set up the series as more a monster-of-the-month template.

In this concluding volume, Atticus Sloane – the former vampire for hire – continues to hunt down the vampires, or sips, he created to earn spending cash over his many years. But the First Borns, the original vampires, have it out for Sloane because his creations are giving the rest of them a bad name. Meanwhile,, a doctor has discovered the vampires’ secret and is using the bloodsuckers’ plasma to treat cancer patients. It’s a cool premise, which wraps up as tidily as it could given the subject matter.

Artist Patric Reynolds shows off with plenty of dynamic action scenes through the book. He also creates highly differentiated looks for each of the characters. But – and this can’t be overstated – they are all overwhelmed by Moore’s colors.

Blood Stained Teeth is proof that a course correction can save even a limited series. The creative team changed tack early enough to make this series even more memorable. And the colors make it a dynamic book.

Blood Stained Teeth Vol. 2 will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

It isn’t often that the star of a series is the colorist, but in the case of Blood Stained Teeth,COMICONRead More

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