Comics From A Galaxy Far, Far Away… Previewing This Week’s ‘Star Wars’ Comic Books

This week we have five new Star Wars titles to preview. Star Wars #34, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #31, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Lando #1, Star Wars: Darth Vader #33 and Star Wars: Yoda #7. All out Wednesday 3rd May from Marvel.

Star Wars: Yoda #7

Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Alessandro Miracolo

YODA VS. GENERAL GRIEVOUS…TO THE DEATH! The start of a new arc set during the tumultuous CLONE WARS! The Separatists have a powerful new weapon that can change the course of the war! Can Yoda and Anakin Skywalker discover the secret of the weapon in time?

Cover by: Phil Noto

Star Wars: Darth Vader #33

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Adam Gorham, Federico Blee

When the Dark Lord of the Sith loses control of the Force, nothing is safe—not even his own Executor-class Star Dreadnought. But in the face of total destruction, Commander Sabé finds an opportunity. Does Vader’s untrammeled onslaught expose a vulnerability? Or is it just another doorway to the terrifying tyranny of the Sith?

Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Lando #1

Written by: Stephanie Phillips
Art by: Alvaro López, Antonio Fabela

LANDO AND CHEWIE ANTE UP TO SAVE THE GALAXY! When Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca find themselves on a perilous mission to steal from Jabba himself, a dangerous figure from Lando’s past threatens their plans and their lives. Chewie finds that putting his trust in Calrissian is a gamble that just might pay off, as Lando calls on his skills as a smuggler to make it out alive. Part of a series of one-shots celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi, this story by Stephanie Phillips (COSMIC GHOST RIDER, ROGUE & GAMBIT) and Álvaro López (CAPTAIN MARVEL) bring you a new, high-stakes adventure with some of Star Wars’ most beloved characters.

Cover by: Ryan Brown

Star Wars #34

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Madibek Musabekov, Rachelle Rosenberg

THE BROKEN SABER OF SKYWALKER! LUKE SKYWALKER searches for one of the rarest substances in the galaxy…KYBER—the living crystal that powers LIGHTSABERS! Does it hold the answer to the unpredictable thing the Force has become (see HIDDEN EMPIRE #5!)? What long-lost secret is he about to uncover?

Cover by: Rain Beredo, Stephen Segovia

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #31

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Minkyu Jung, Rachelle Rosenberg

THE PARTING GLANCE! Is this the end of the line for former allies APHRA and TOLVAN? DARTH VADER’S least favorite archaeologist must face a cold hard truth that will shake her to her core!!! Can she forgive herself for the chaos she’s about to unleash upon the galaxy?

Cover by: Rachael Stott

This week we have five new Star Wars titles to preview. Star Wars #34, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #31, StarCOMICONRead More

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