Euro Comics Previews: Cinebook’s ‘Cossacks Volume 1: The Winged Hussar’

Out right now, Cinebook‘s new series The Cossacks takes us back to 1634 Ukraine and into the horrors of war…

Another in our look at Cinebook’s recent releases, available wherever your local comic shop has an idea that Euro comics are packed with the unusual, the historical, the inventive, and the plain damn brilliant. Sadly, not too many comic shops have that sort of vision outside of Europe.

Thankfully, Cinebook have made it their mission to bring the best of Europe to the English-speaking comic world. And I’m here to point out what’s available. Whether it’s sci-fi, comedy, adventure, or pure historical drama, Cinebook and other Euro publishers just shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cossacks is just one of those historical dramas, a rip-roaring adventure of war, passion, a little love, and lots of military action.

Here’s what Cinebook’s PR has to say about it all:

“1634, Ukraine. Karlis, a young Winged Hussar of Poland-Lithuania, sickened by the carnage of war, deserts. To wash their honour, the men of his old unit hunt him mercilessly, while two people secretly observe the pursuit.

They are Cossacks, from a people of freedom-loving warriors … and it is with them that Karlis will eventually find refuge. But if he left his regiment, it’s also because of the last orders he was given, which he refused to follow: the King of Poland-Lithuania wants the Cossacks disarmed.”

That’s all you need to know in terms of the plot here really. Within the first few pages you meet Karlis, brutalised by the horrors he’s seen and the sickening orders he’s meant to carry out…

You see him followed by the Hussars who want him dead, see him followed and observed by the Cossacks who will take him in…


Months pass by, he finds a place amongst these fierce and fiercely free peoples, he finds his place, finds friendship, kinship, there’s even the first stirrings of love for him.

And then the Hussars come back, back with their King-given mission, remove the Cossack threat, either by disarming them or massacring them.

What you get after that is a thrilling bit of historical fiction, fights, tactics, bloody battles, author Brugeas a veteran at this sort of thing, the historical accuracy mixed with the historical excitement and entertainment. The art’s perfect in servicing the script here, with Guillo and Toulhoat’s work full of action and kinetic energy, solid storytelling that pushes the tale along.

It’s one of Cinebook’s rip-roaring adventures, something Euro comics do so very well. It’s a fine adventure, packed with action, a grand adventure indeed.



Cossacks Volume 1: The Winged Hussar – script by Vincent Brugeas, art by Yoann Guillo and Ronan Toulhoat

Out now from Cinebook

Now, a quick peek at the first few pages to draw you in…



Out right now, Cinebook‘s new series The Cossacks takes us back to 1634 Ukraine and into the horrors of war…COMICONRead More

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