Advance Review: ‘Prometheus In Chains’ #1 – A Moody And Surreal Take On Frankenstein

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Sometimes if you go into a story with no situational understanding of what is going on you take something totally different away than what may have been intended.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers follow for the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, from over 20 years ago.

I have seen the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence a few times. I thought its ending was kinda melancholy yet happy with what I’ve always assumed were aliens from another world bringing back the little robot boy’s real-life mom so they could hang out for one more perfect day.

Apparently, I was way off as one of my more learned film friends explained to me that they were not aliens, but actually, even more, advanced A.I. robot entities who essentially viewed the little robot boy as more human than they were as he was closer to the human spectrum of lifeforms than they were as far-flung future advanced robot things.

Watching the little robot boy movie I never got all that stuff, and reading The Third Nightmare from Rich Davis: Prometheus In Chains I never got half the stuff I had read about it in the Previews magazine description. That does not make it a bad book by any stretch. I do think that it has the potential to be something you interpret your own way if you do not read what you are supposed to be getting from it.

Rich Davis has created a unique take on the classic Frankenstein story with his latest work, Prometheus In Chains. The book, illustrated by Jordan Direnzo, has a moody and surreal feeling throughout that highlights the title’s ominous vibe.

The story follows an atomic-age professor Victor Frankenstein, who along with his wife has joined the Manhattan Project. When Elizabeth dies, Victor spirals into a fugue state and things get really hard to follow as time seems to be meaningless and panels could take moments or days to happen sequentially.

The book takes a very focused view of a man rebuilding what he has lost rather than the traditional horror romp that I was expecting. In many ways, it feels like a thought experiment to exercise something internal that the author is working through.

Despite the unique take on the story, the book’s description in Previews lists the work as “Haunted by guilt, grief and regret, a new kind of monster comes to life.” It also calls out some story elements that did not come across in my reading and I am not sure how one is supposed to connect certain plot threads.

Overall, Prometheus In Chains is a moody and surreal take on the classic Frankenstein tale. The unusual storytelling style and unique approach to the story make for an interesting read. If you’re a fan of the Frankenstein mythos or are interested in an almost surrealistic take on the classic tale, then Prometheus In Chains may be worth checking out.

Prometheus In Chains #1 drops from Red 5 Comics in June 2023.

Until next time, regardless of if I get the concept or if I like the book, I am always impressed by the people who see things through to the end. If you have a vision and do the work that deserves recognition. It takes little effort to rip someone down, it takes a lot of work to finish a comic from start to finish. Feel proud of that.



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