TV Review: ‘Titans’ Season 4, Episode 10

Titans is at a very strange place and it’s fairly obvious why the show is in its final season. It does things, some of which are pretty interesting, but it doesn’t seem to understand why it’s doing those things or even give those things a point. This episode is a great example of that. The Doom Patrol guest stars, and some of the episode’s most notable moments include them. But there didn’t necessarily seem to be a point to their inclusion. Sure, in Beast Boy’s (Ryan Potter) search for his family he got to reconnect with them and find balance. Nevertheless, they contributed nothing to the plot and are an example of why the show is meandering.

While Beast Boy and Starfire (Anna Diop) were trapped with the Doom Patrol, the rest of the Titans had other issues to worry about. Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) tried to sever Raven’s (Teagan Croft) connection with her brother. Meanwhile, Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) teamed up with Connor (Joshua Orpin) to release his video game. But Sebastian put a spell on the game to absorb the souls of people who played it. Ultimately, Connor realized this was a bad thing and helped the Titans hack into the server to destroy it. This will only further drive Sebastian into Trigon’s embrace and want to resurrect him.

Again, Sebastian putting a spell into a video game is a neat way for him to use these ancient powers in a modern way. However, it doesn’t make much sense from a character standpoint. This show opened with him rejecting Trigon and wanting to forge his own path. Releasing a game is a great way to do that, but then he undermines himself by putting a spell into the game. The reason he rejected Trigon is because he wasn’t interested in Armageddon. Sucking the souls of people goes against the character Sebastian has been the entire season. These choices are making for a very bizarre season, and while seeing these characters on the screen is entertaining, there just isn’t enough substance to justify these developments.

Titans streams Thursdays on HBO Max.

Titans is at a very strange place and it’s fairly obvious why the show is in its final season. ItCOMICONRead More

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