Commentary: When Fans Can Admit They’re Wrong

If there’s one thing to be said about comic book fans, it’s that they are a very passionate bunch. They have strong opinions about their favorite characters and story lines and aren’t afraid to let people know that. This also transitions over to comic book adaptations, too. Whenever a new TV show or movie is announced, fans come out of the woodwork to let the entire internet know their opinions. And since comic book fans also tend to be a stubborn bunch, they rarely admit when they are wrong, especially when it comes to the entire existence of a show or movie. However, a great example of something that proved the naysayers wrong is The CW show Superman & Lois.

When it first was announced, the series received some criticism. The CW had done a great job so far exploring characters that weren’t as well known in the mainstream. This includes things like Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Although Superman was already a character in this universe, creating a show for him seemed like overkill. Superman had already been adapted so many times that it went against the network’s trend of bringing attention to lesser known characters. Plus, Superman was having a tough time being adapted on the screen, so the odds were stacked against him trying to explore new territory.

However, Superman & Lois defied these criticisms. It placed Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in a situation he hadn’t been in before by giving him two teenage sons and moving back to Smallville. Plus, this wasn’t just a show about Superman. His supporting cast was featured heavily and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) is also billed as a main character. Positioning Superman as a parent made him relatable and more human than he had ever been. The show managed to capture a lighter side of the character that recent film versions had lost. This caused the fandom to respond positively. None of the criticisms that had been levied against the show after it was announced have been repeated. Many fans have admitted they were wrong, so the show has done something not many have succeeded at in the past: create a story that allowed a lot of fans to admit their pre-release misgivings were incorrect.

Superman & Lois is now streaming on The CW app.

If there’s one thing to be said about comic book fans, it’s that they are a very passionate bunch. TheyCOMICONRead More

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