When Your Imaginary Friend Isn’t All That Imaginary Anymore: Previewing ‘The Nasty #2’

The brilliant horror comic about video nasties and imaginary friends that aren’t so imaginary after all continues – it’s time to get into the movies.


You’ve already seen issue 1 of The Nasty, a glorious slice of unusual horror from Vault Comics, and although I was late to the party on it, I made sure to share all about it with you.

Here’s a little of what I said of that first issue…

“I immediately recognised it as one of those great books that I wanted to really get behind, wanted to shout from the rooftops that you need to be buying it. It’s proper comics horror, great writing, great artwork.”

Yep, and now we have issue 2, coming out on 10th May, and I’m absolutely loving it still. It’s just full of everything that great comics are all about. It’s fun, it’s funny, there’s a solid chill running through it all, beautifully written, wonderfully drawn. Seriously, go now – right now – and put it on your order at your local comic shop. You won’t regret it.


Just a little recap for you, although do go and have a look/read of the issue 1 preview/review thing.

So far we’ve met the horror-film obsessed Thumper Connell and his Murder Club, the video group at his local video rental shop. They’re just your usual bunch of twenty-somethings, most of them drifting a bit in life, but otherwise okay.

Well, except for the little matter of Thumper still having his imaginary friend. And the slightly worrying fact that Thumper’s imaginary friend is Red Ennis, the masked killer from his favourite slasher film, the one he first saw as a young kid.


Anyway, thanks to a wonderfully ridiculous chain of events, including a possibly possessed copy of a video nasty, Thumper’s now got the chance to make his own horror flick. Sure, he hasn’t got the equipment, or the actors, the location, the time, or the cash to do it, but him and his friends are nothing if not resourceful. Plus there’s that little matter of the cursed videotape that seems to have made Thumper’s imaginary pal not so imaginary after all.

Basically, second issue just as good as the first, perfect storytelling from writer and artists, a horror tale with tongue in cheek that you’ll not want to put down.

The Nasty #2

Written by John Lees,

Illustrated by George Kambadais

Art by Adam Cahoon

Lettered by Jim Campbell

Published by Vault Comics and available from Wednesday 10th May.

Now, although you should of course already be reading this one, here’s a preview just to whet your whistle…

The brilliant horror comic about video nasties and imaginary friends that aren’t so imaginary after all continues – it’s timeCOMICONRead More

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