Oni Press Reveals A Lamenting SECRET!

Welcome to the table,

One of my players at the weekly D&D game is a huge fan of secrets. His entire character is so wrapped up in asking about secrets and uncovering SECRETS that I can’t hear or read the word secrets without a small echo in the back of my head sounding like his version of a vaguely Eastern European by way of the 4th layer of hell accent.

So in the spirit of sharing secrets, let me let you in on something you may or may not know.

Oni Press is proud to reveal a brand-new initiative to officiate the release of Lamentation #1 by the master of horror (and mixed drinks) Cullen Bunn and rising star Arjuna Susini with the all-new Secrets Edition (see how it all ties together) program!

Following on the heels of this spring’s announcement that Oni is making every issue of its original, creator-owned series fully returnable for retailers who order a minimum of five non-incentive shelf covers (in any combination), the publisher is rewarding retailers who met that threshold on Lamentation #1 with a free-of-charge, specialty bonus item.

This item is the Lamentation #1 Secrets Edition variant, featuring the stunning cover art of Maan House shifted into a phantasmagorical purple color scheme that will not be available anywhere else! This cover is rad as hell and I know hardcore collectors of this three-issue series are going to want to be sure to try and snag one for their personal collection.

The previously unannounced release of this top-secret Lamentation #1 edition will mark the first use of Oni’s new Secrets Edition program but I am being told it will “certainly not” be the last!

“Over the past 25 years, Oni has cemented itself as one of the most influential and reliable publishers in the history of independent comics. The bedrock of that strength is the support of local comic shops around the country and throughout the world,” said President & Publisher Hunter Gorinson. “In the months ahead, with the release of milestones like Lamentation – not to mention a war chest of other exciting series yet to revealed – we’re going to give retailers as many tools as possible to ensure the success of Oni’s titles in their stores with full returnability and a battery of surprises, like the Secrets Edition and more, around every corner.”


Lamentation is told in three, 48-page issues releasing in May, June, and July of 2023. Cullen Bunn and Arjuna Susini’s twisted tale unravels a terrifying story of tension, paranoia, and pain as the ill-fated cast and crew of a cursed stage play, trapped inside the haunted Requiem Theater, play cat and mouse with a masked killer who may be more than human!

Lamentation #1 is available now at your local shop.

Until next time, stop going into cursed theaters! For real. Stop it!

Welcome to the table, One of my players at the weekly D&D game is a huge fan of secrets. HisCOMICONRead More

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