Art For Art’s Sake #207: Anyone Fancy A Commission?

Art For Art’s Sake, celebrating comics in all their glory – this week finishing up with a few commissions.

We shall open things up today with this beauty – The Endless Line from 2022, a tribute to Neal Adams (1941-2022). Short story published in various DC Comics in celebration of Adams’ life. Written by Tom King, art by Josh Adams (Neal’s son), colours by Hi-Fi, letters by Clayton Cowles.


Now, a little art from hither and yon…

The legendary Spain Rodriguez on art for Joel Schecter‘s ‘Mad Man’ 2-page biography of Harvey Kurtzman

Two from Dan Panosian

Jaime Hernandez – 1997 Maggie & Hopey Colour Special

Francois Boucq – beautiful western pages

Elizabeth Torque – Captain America

Dave Stevens art from the Rocketeer Movie Adaptation

Patrick Gleason – Bats

Phillippe Druillet – Lone Sloane

Michael AllredSilver Surfer Omnibus cover

Colleen Doran Wonder Woman

And another WW from Nicola Scott

Howard Chaykin – Star Wars

Alex Toth – The Shadow

A few from Ryan Sook 

To finish with this week, a few wonderful commissions from a few wonderful comic types…

Nick Percival:

“This was a fun commission to do. Judge Dredd as Obelix. I’m a huge fan of the Asterix & Obelix books. The brief was for a cartoony style and colour palette, so very different from my usual stuff. Acrylic on canvas.”

John McCrea – maker of some wonderful commissions – such as this

Chris Arrant posts this Esad Ribic DD –

Tom Foster Walt Simonson tribute… all the hammers…

And another Tom Foster – Hulk in transformation…

Anna Morosova

“Recently completed A3 commission inspired by the infamous ‘walking scene’ from “The Right Stuff” as requested by Mark Spencer. Pictured – 2000AD’s Karyn, DeMarco, Anderson, Hershey and McGruder.”

Kyle Hotz – The Spectre

Vlad Legostaev – X-Force

And finally – a rather spectacular commission from Duncan Fegredo from 2021:

“I don’t normally do commissions but then the last year has hardly been normal. Based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Brief Lives, final art is acrylic gouache, 20×30 inches. I doubt I’ll ever do anything like this again, don’t ask!”

Rough pencils, tonal block in, colour test, and the finished work…

Art For Art’s Sake, celebrating comics in all their glory – this week finishing up with a few commissions. WeCOMICONRead More

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