Genndy Tartakovsky Delivers Another Cinematic Action Show With ‘Unicorn Warriors Eternal’

Hot off the success of Primal, Genndy Tartakovsky and the creative team at Studio La Cachette return with a new action adventure series, Unicorn Warriors Eternal. In the show, a group of warriors fight a mysterious evil force across multiple lifetimes. The plot begins in earnest when the team is summoned into a steampunk version of London by an automaton called Copernicus. Now the eternal warriors must  adjust to their new teenage bodies with their memories and powers on the fritz.

Unicorn Warriors Eternal has a clever high concept but really shines in its methodical execution. Tartakovsky has always tried to bring a cinematic scope to television and this new project is no exception. Fans of Samurai Jack and Sym-Bionic Titan will recognize familiar elements of time-travel and a young group of heroes with a mechanical guardian. Unicorn Warriors Eternal also pays homage to vintage comics and animation with character designs that fit in with the likes of Astroboy, Tintin, Asterix, Betty Boop, and Popeye.

Copernicus is a stand-out character who communicates only through whistling. The copper man’s bold “rubber-hose era” physical comedy charms every scene. While Unicorn Warriors Eternal is a fun action adventure series, there’s also time spent on the emotional impact that the battles have on its characters. With atmospheric pacing and memorable set-pieces, the two-part premier episode feels like a movie on the small screen.

In a time where cartoons are pressured to be current and modern to keep pace with internet fads, Tartakovsky and company opted for a retro-futuristic adventure that fully embraces the timeless beauty of hand-drawn animation. Much like the premiere of Samurai Jack, there will be a new generation of young viewers with a passion for adventure that will grow to love Unicorn Warriors Eternal. Viewers may not be able to articulate what makes the show special at first– but they will grow to appreciate an animation program that is patient with its audience. In short, we need more shows like Unicorn Warriors Eternal and I eagerly await the next episode!

Hot off the success of Primal, Genndy Tartakovsky and the creative team at Studio La Cachette return with a new actionCOMICONRead More

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