Humanoids Launches ‘Project Arka: Into The Dark Unknown’ This June

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The last time I was in Brussels, I visited the Comics Art Museum. When I left, the contents of my luggage were more comics than clothes. Something about European comics is kinda magical to me.

Humanoids has announced French science fiction novelist Romain Benassaya is adapting his own bestselling novel, Pyramides, into an original graphic novel featuring the illustrative watercolor art of acclaimed Catalan illustrator Joan Urgell will be available for the first time in English on June 20, 2023.

Project Arka: Into the Dark Unkown, is a science fiction graphic novel set in a far-flung future where the inhabitance of a quickly dying Earth flee to a distant promised land in a massive colony ship called the Arka III. However, these space fairing seekers of more survivable homelands soon find themselves trapped in a mysterious area of uncharted space.

While I typically prefer stories where Earth has been saved from the environmental collapse inflicted upon it by greed and ignorance, the orbit of Earth withering and its inhabitance being desperate to escape does propose an interesting premise that seems fresh to the “doomed Earth” landscape. The solution is to leave on a fleet of massive space vessels heading for a distant planet vibe in a Battlestar Galactica way that’s familiar but coupled with the moody organic watercolors of the work feels fresh and green even when it’s supposed to look industrial.

The passengers of Arka III awaken from their long intergalactic journey only to find that they have not arrived at the planet they originally set out to arrive at. Not only has their journey taken them much longer than the planned timeline, but they have found themselves in a starless seemingly endless void.

Eric Rives, the ship’s second-in-command, and his partner Jia Tang are sent on an exploratory mission to investigate the dark spaces surrounding them and what they find is beyond anything they could have imagined.

Project Arka: Into The Dark Unknown is a harrowing story of survival and exploration with the very fate of humankind hanging in the balance. This graphic novel will be available in bookstores everywhere on June 20, 2023, and in comic shops on June 21, 2023. Digital copies will also be available for purchase from comiXology and other digital platforms.

Until next time, if you explore the unknown before you are forced to, you at least have somewhere to return when things get to daunting.


Welcome to the table. The last time I was in Brussels, I visited the Comics Art Museum. When I left,COMICONRead More

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